Kek Lok Tong in Chinese pronunciation means Cavern of Ultimate Bliss. It’s located not far away from Sam Poh Tong since they are on the same range of limestone hills. I visited this cavern in my 3-in-1 Ipoh Trip recently, also known as Balik Kampung … Geng!

Kek Lok Tong Cave

December 2009

Cavern of Ultimate Bliss

Ipoh is pretty much surrounded with limestone hill and caves. Many temples can be found locating in the cave and this Kek Lok Tong is one of the many famous caves. It’s hidden far from town into residential area. Only a handful signboards are able to bring us to the destination. Luckily we have a good navigator with us during the entire trip.

After some confusing left and right turn throughout the housing area, we finally reached at the cave temple which was quite quiet. There were only a few people around. Are we too early?

The scenic cave view is strong, look pretty much of less development cave temple. In fact, we were wrong. It was so clean and organized. I guess the night view should be outstanding, but only opened to public up to 7.00pm.

During the way up to the entrance, there are a lot of miniature landscape build in a very artistic way. A handful photographer should be able to catch various angles to show off their photography skill. So do I.

Please have a look below:

Depth into the cave should you into the other side. I supposed it is facing the main road far away.

This park created into such way look like a big assembly of a kingdom. And what so special about this was we had a feel of the history seems to repeat itself again here … on the most horrendous killing shock the kingdom. We rolled back to the myth of imagination, on how the kingdom fall into the prey of killer.

He walked out in a pride as a ruler of the kingdom, towards the top of the world, checking on the assembly line up of his loyal combatant.

When so sudden, his kingdom was covered with black cloud and few strikes lightning. The wind blow heavily, created some disturbing sounds, causing a temporary illusion.

In a midst of his thoughtful mind, his immortality has been challenged in a strike of seconds. One strong stab from nowhere to be seen from assassin throw the kingdom from the darkness to brightness.

Okay, let’s come back to real life. As we went down the downstairs, we approached the lake. It was so polluted and yellowish. Doubt to have any fish in there.

The greenery landscape dazzled us quite much.

They did a funny pose on a ground field. Not bad huh.

And I did some photography shot as well. It turns out good.

Our next destination of cave visit is Perak Tong.