Cameron Highlands is a highland region located about 121 km east of Ipoh and about 214 km north of Kuala Lumpur, in Pahang, Malaysia. At 5,000 ft (1,500 m) above sea level it is the highest area on the mainland, enjoys a cool climate, with temperatures no higher than 25°C and rarely falls below 12°C year-round. My visit this round encountered a quite low temperature, which I believe below 20°C.

Cameron Highlands

December 2009

Last series of 3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!

Cameron Highlands on third day was our last stop of my 3-in-1 Ipoh Trip …  Geng! before ended our marvelous trip. This highland is actually accessible via Tapah and Simpang Pulai road entrance.

I was check-out earlier from Highway Hotel at 9am. Upon fully pump our petrol tank, we moved up via Simpang Pulai road. It was rainy in the morning causes high density of mist.

We drove up in 2 cars, total of 7 peoples. It was my first time went up in such weather. Sudden rain and sudden stop. It’s hard unpredictable.

Thick mist surrounding hill … cool up the air

I like it!

We stopped by at Green View Garden, one of the popular tourist stop for greenery plant. I took this opportunity to make some photography shot here. Somehow this garden was quite popular and they even have online presence.

Please have a look at surrounding the garden in below series of pictures.

High profile and heavy marketed garden

Causing everything slightly costlier … including toilet fees

What an online presence here … CM quoted.

Highly commercialize vegetable … some are just for display.

Hydroponic vegetable

Not bad huh … no worm found here

Run by water only

Very healthy but its doesn’t come cheap

As usual but he got new pupil here.

A self-pluck strawberry farm.

Hardly find any mature strawberry

We hop to next plantation. Forgotten their name.

They sell a very cheap cactus plant

Seven for a price of RM10 only

The most significant part of this trip was the Boh Tea Plantation. It was a new place for myself and known as the largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia.

It was fondly known as the ‘Giant Green Carpet of Malaysia’. Wherever I look from the hills, I see a big GREEN cover the hill. I know the road path to there is very NARROW. I won’t bother because since everyone can reach there, why can’t I?

Road entry to BOH Tea Centre

Nobody wants to reverse back once they get in

Drive smooth at a side edgerequired some skills

Blind cornerremember to press HONK to alert

Giant Green Carpet of Malaysiaoh gosh so nice

Car needs to align themselves for more spaces and the tire is near the border. So damn dangerous … Luckily the soil is tough…ermm. It just makes visitors life tough here.

One way road with two ways carbe patient or getting stuck forever

Car park finallyit doesn’t comes free

Look like hanging cafeanother key of attraction

Gotta walk 200mnobody complaint here

We had our light lunch there where we ordered tea drink, cake and some sweet delicacies while enjoying the peaceful scenery. So coincidence, the weather was cold and windy, add-on to our delightful feeling.

Crowded with customeroh family type domination, not bad taste huh

Delicious pastryit doesn’t come cheap

Sort of tea directly from factoryperhaps

Pandemic view of tea plantationnot bad for amateur photographer

Don’t want to miss out this wonderful sceneryCM babe

Same hereLL dear

All of usnot bad huh

Contemplation looks like absorbing power from the god

A pathway to the exhibits and factoryquite informative

We were brought forward to visit their tea factory. It shows how the raw tea leaves can produce a supplement for tea bag or even any other innovative product.

Welcome to Visitor Centrekind of factory of tea manufacturing

Our tour ended with some purchases of tea drink in package.

Again, our horror has came again … in narrow road and dangerous slope. In a very lucky condition, getting out is a lot better due to no stuck or jam in between. Save a lot of hassle whereby we can able to see from far and let the car go in before our turn.

One of the most popular destinations in Cameron Highland is market, located near Equatorial Hotel. A usual traffic jam is expected and we managed to find a parking spot. We walked into the strawberry farm which I never been before. Too bad, no pluck on the spot is allowed at the moment we visits.

Strawberry Farm located outsidea walk distance to the market

Soft toylook like strawberry dominated the market

Alert alert sign of warning which I believe caused visitor bad luck before

Plucking strawberry service is NOT AVAILABLEat least this reminder doesn’t make me bother

A short walking distance, we reached the famous Rose Valley market. This market sells almost everything produced from the highlands. All can comes in cheaper price but I have doubt that they’d increased some prices to the popularity and huge crowd. Bargain however still can be made in some stalls in certain hour.

I never been so cold and tired while walking around … icy rain touch skin and winds blowing my body and face. So damn cold. My entire metabolism turns into slower rate.

All of us decided to go back to Ipoh after my car was no longer able to store any new purchases. It was damn full and loaded with stuffs. All purchases caused my car overloaded and heavy.

We had our early dinner at somewhere nearby chicken rice outlet and we bid our goodbye to each other and meet in KL soon.

Definitely a truly enjoyable and success trip that I ever undertaken.

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