Again, it was another Ipoh trip in the same year. It might a bit different because it wasn’t simple as we thought. We planned and we went according to the itinerary. What’s more, it’s 3-in-1 trip with few places in my waiting list. What a nice and fulfilling trip this round.

3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!

18 – 20 December 2009

Planned for more than a month. Initially it was just merely a Back to Hometown trip. Don’t know how unexpectedly, it was turned into 3-in-1, mainly focus at Hot Spring (on the way to Ipoh), Ipoh town itself and Cameron Highlands (back from Ipoh). We have no time for other activities because it was packed!

18 December 2009 …

Our very first destination is Hot Spring (TRAP) @ Sungkai. It took  us almost 5 hours playing and soaking with natural flow hot water. We stopped by at Bidor town for our lunch. At 2.00pm, considered having lunch, we still seen many peoples flocking around. My favorite duck mee delicacy was out! $%$#^!@#

Luckily we crossed over to next stall … YO! Last few bowls.

The price of the bowl is only RM6. Their service was  so-so when they were even not able to hire proper workers to handle our order. The girl who took our order was ‘borrow’ from next door biscuit seller. What the heck!

To pay off our goodwill, we proceed to their biscuit stall. They sell famous homemade biscuit in Ipoh. Also white coffee from various distributors. I spotted this mini animal biscuit cost RM1.80 for each. For whole collection, it cost RM12. Not bad, but can’t keep it as collection. It’ll deteriorate.

As we moved on so slow, we reached Ipoh town at 5.00pm. We immediately check-in by walk-in. We were informed only two rooms with windows available. Fuh…so lucky. The rest without windows. Walao … will be quite smelly. Don’t want la.

A very ordinary budget hotel cost us RM60 per night. We stayed two nights. Yes, it’s very convenient in distance walk to McD nearby and Jusco Kinta City. Toilet is outside, based on sharing basis. Luckily it was clean if not, it’s worse than a brothel. LOL.

Alternatively, I’ll recommend Ritz Garden Hotel which offered better stay and higher class.

Soon after check-in, the weather turned into dark, of course lah, it’s night and windy.  OMG, it’s raining heavily. Even though, we have to continue with our plan to have our dinner at this famous hotspot. Hehehe.

We had our dinner at the Most Famous Chicken Rice Stall in Ipoh. Their meat ball cost us 50 cents each. Their white steamed chicken known as their best delicacy. No doubt on the deliciousness because we finished up all. HAHA.

The night was still early. We proceeded to Kinta City after dinner. X’mas was just around the corner. The environment was alive.

We bought some stuffs and quite relaxing walked around. My sleeping time that night was 2.00am? Why? Because me and Jian went to McD connect to wireless connection. Tomorrow will be another hectic day … gonna to be Day 2.

19 December 2009 …

This whopping whole new day was another day with full of activities. Of course we started our day with our breakfast first right? We went to this famous Dim Sum in town, Foh San Dim Sum at new venue…woahoo. This new venue is huge and spacious. Many families prefer to spend their morning weekend by having dim sum and Chinese tea. A practical Chinese culture.

Tell you the truth, this heavy breakfast had gone to our head (cuz involved a lot of meaty meal) in the morning. Who cares? This is simply too hard to resist. Place was crowded as expected. Luckily we found a table of four, so lucky heh, ngam ngam fit us.

So full … how to digest? It was still early for next round lunch, so we decided to go on with our plan. We did a long walk at one of the famous cave and park. I missed out this cave last time. It’s Kek Lok Tong Cave, followed by Perak Cave Temple (Perak Tong).

Ipoh is pretty much surrounded with limestone hill and caves. Many of the temples located in the caves and this is one of the famous ones. It was hidden far from town into residential area. Only a handful signboard can bring us into the destination. Luckily we have a good navigator here.

When it was our lunch time, we thought of a place where we can taste home cooked. It was indeed a special lunch for us, for four of us. Surprisingly it was planned by CM’s mother at CM’s house. They treat us lunch, home-cooked some more. So kind of her. We all had a enjoyable and pleasant lunch meal at her house.

After lunch, CM followed us for town outing. We dropped by Nam Heong White Coffee stall for a glass of famous white-coffee. Also famous egg tarts. It’s so delicious … I like it.

We tried to visit another cave, but time was up, it was closed. So we continue with our town tour with Kinta City Mall again. This round, we were going for sing-along karaoke. It was so cheap, max two hours but a price of a drink. Thanks to the member card from Dark One.

We took an early nap for another great day outing tomorrow. Goodnight.

20 December 2009 …

Cameron Highlands in our third day trip was the last destination before we going back to KL. It was a totally different style of trip that I usually went to.  We did a great purchases until my car was no longer able to store it. It was almost 8 hours we spent up here.

We had our early dinner at somewhere nearby chicken rice outlet and we bidden our goodbye to each other and meet in KL soon.

Definitely a truly enjoyable and success trip that I ever undertaken. Everyone is satisfied and hopefully to join such trip in future.

I hope to make it again in other Malaysia’s town such as Penang. Hope for another 3-in-1 Penang Trip edition since my last A Road Trip to Penang. It was wonderful indeed.