Happy 2010. This is a combination of Review 2009 and 2010 Resolution post that I usually wrote for few years back.

Happy New Year 2010

First post of the year, here I comes. When comes to talk about my resolution, it was giving me some sense of achievement. I felt myself grow better in relationship, career, health and even socializing. Traveling and trips were as crazy as you would guess. Yea, almost every 2 weeks got event or places to go until I can’t keep track what I did in past months. Just have a time to check it out what’s happening here.

In Year 2010, I set myself achieving greater control of my life, pursuing my dream and setting my life target for me to achieve. It’s not a year or two to accomplish, but few years efforts.

Year 2010 Happening

  1. Work towards to build better and stable relationship
  2. Achieve ZERO debt and look forward to build wealth
  3. Continue to communicate and socializing with people around me
  4. Continue to participate a new kind of challenges in sport and improve my health
  5. Looking for career advanced in term of project based assignment
  6. Continue to travel around in budgeted cost but quality trip

It’s as simple as that. Some are continue my last year resolution while some are new and further enhance.

Okay, let’s see and review what I did back year then:

  1. In Year 2009, my enthusiastic in exploring mother nature was very strong. I end joining various trip to hills, waterfall and even mountain.
  2. In Year 2009, I started my long-term MBA study which will benefit me in the long term. Nothing is better than investing in education for myself.
  3. In Year 2009, my socializing skill has advanced when I’ve showing a leadership trait ever in my life. I’m no longer myself in the past.
  4. In Year 2009, I participate a lot of energy extensive activity such as marathons and trailblazer. The most notorious activity that champ myself was KK Mount Climbing.
  5. In Year 2009, overall my quality life has improve a bit, with technology advanced gadget and useful hobbies.
  6. In Year 2009, my financial debt is still floating at the same level. It’s hardly reduce due to my extreme traveling. Thanks to my recent few big trip 3-in-1 which eating my budget further and overspent. Even though in never-reduce-debt level, my credit card collection has reduce substantially, thanks to govt stupid policy of RM50 tax. Overall, I hate to maintain this status quo. This has to be get rid ASAP.
  7. In Year 2009, I’d successfully planned many trips all over my calendar. Although it was giving so much fun, but at the end, my wallet is getting painful. Going forward, only budgeted trip and quality travel will be considered.

This is the most common resolutions if you can’t think what you want.

  • Get rid bad habit
  • Get a better body shape
  • Get a gf/bf or plan to get married
  • Get a new job
  • Get to travel around

So, do you know your resolution now?