SKYTREX Adventure is the latest addition of outdoor activity in which will take participants from tree to tree like Tarzan via series of aerial obstacles at the height of 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. It’s bringing you the height that you never reached before throughout the series of canopy. Enjoy the freedom of flying in the air like nobody else.

Skytrek Adventure – Extreme Challenge

Jan 2010

To join this activity, one has to fully book the slots at least two weeks before (from my experience). For big group booking, one has to book at least more than one month before the actual date.

Mine was planned more than one month ago. Initially, only 5 peoples joining me, but has increased to 23 peoples in total, making a huge unexpected group. I took the earliest possible slot to prevent over-crowded in the afternoon. I’d gone through this during my Big Thrill.

We were all advised to reach at 9am and waiting at the designated area for shuttle bus. Car park is RM1 per entry. A lot of peoples were reached earlier than us, mostly on cycling activity. I’m interested too!

After 15 minutes of waiting, we all proceed for a ride to the sky trek area. Although it has passed 10am, what I noticed was 10am is just a reporting time at the counter, not start climbing. So basically, we were not late.

A very familiar banner when I step down from shuttle bus. Skydeck is the place where people are waiting and having their meal while waiting their turn OR rest after completed their challenges.

Extreme Challenge, as I promised 3 months ago, “I will be back”.

I straight away proceed to the registration counter for registration. Even though my group is big, the Extreme Challenge only has 6 of us.

Motivation boosted up … should I say we waited for so long, we’re here finally. The last series of Skytrek Adventures.

YEAH! Let’s do it!

Hand gloves are available for free (recycle), however, if you would like to have your own, you may bring your own or purchase at the counter for RM3 per pair. Bottle holder & locker is RM5 each and refundable once you return them.

SkyPet will assist you through the actual process. Don’t worry. You won’t get lost here.

We were called up to proceed to safety gear platform. The gear was newer and of course stronger. I felt safe and reliable. The staffs there were quite helpful in tying up the gear, so you no need worry about wearing it on wrong side.

So PRO … in fact shaking inside. LOL.

Yes, I am well prepared.

So do these 3 girls.

All of us came from different background, but when comes to Skytrek, we find a common interest here. A very ‘ngam’ kaki in future activity.

Alfred, the part timer during the weekend has came to brief us on the basic safety knowledge. He taught us on how to operate the gear. Frankly say, the train & try platform looks simple and unattractive. Maybe due to limited space available compare to Big Thrill area. I found the training area less effective to each of extreme challengers.

Very concentrate on the briefing due to her first time joining this … Geng! Skip all the hassle and go for the toughest.

Looks professional and very dedicated … Geng!

Trio challengers … and High 5!

Chee May was so committed to this since long time ago. Your wish comes true finally.

The first platform was rather a simple, just climb up and you’re done. No need to scream when flying fox, because its look hilarious to us. Want to scare us? Haha.

Another ladder to climb, even higher this time. Luckily they didn’t make me us to climb in one shot if not will be forever to reach at such 22 meters height. Therefore, you need to have strong hand and shoulder to continue to hold the ladder. We sweat terribly at this stage.

Regret feeling has come occasionally, but anyway, once started, let’s finish off. Flying fox few times to let you feel the height pressure.

She admirably stun in the way she fly over in professional style. She should join the parachuting activity anyway.

Looks very serious and dedicated person she was.

Satisfied with result of completion on every flying fox course she had.

He landed in a professional way too. We should learn from him, a proper landing without touching our body on the platform. However, he looks like fishing something. LOL.

Words from him, ‘sap sap sui’. Nothing is tough for him. Ok, dude. Let’s see what we can do in next 90 degrees hiking yea.

This was where a slight different obstacle that we usually did. A series of wooden block attached together. It’s swinging and our each step creates instability of me. The supporting rope was useless to me due to my height. Balancing is a problem here. I stuck for few times here.

I can’t afford to fall here because it will scratch my leg. It’s hurt even though it’s not dangerous.

With her height, she had no problem getting the rope to support and walk comfortably.

Same applied to Mei Ching.

As I went to exhaustion for a while, this obstacle was totally put me off. Allow me to fly over to save some energy. Hehehe

An easy challenge I never thought of. What is this? Lap over or just jump over will do. In fact, they wanted you to tarzan over there, with the rope support.

She incapable to leap with her legs, so she need rope to swing over…hell yeah, look so happy here even though short distance.

He never thought that his legs can be open so wide, like yoga poser.

At this stage, there are two paths to cross, to reduce the waiting time. Both can reach to the same platform at the end. Brilliant idea.

‘V’ obstacle is all about testing your balance. It doesn’t tough if you hold your support properly.

Bamboo crossing, a must to have due to its uniqueness in Skytrek.

Imagine once you slipped … what happened to you? Haha.

Yet another professional pose from her in very focusing manner. Haha.

Showing funny face … duh ~_~

Again, ‘V’ obstacle but lower rope support. Are they run out of ideas? It’s seems repeated for the rest of obstacles.

This small ladder was intended to place on foot on each step and another foot for upper step. They wanted you to feel the tiredness this way. Oh … my hand was shaking.

Basically, Extreme Challenge is all about the strip-off version of Big Thrill.

All the wooden stuffed on the rope are taken off, left only ropes in most obstacles. That’s why they called Extreme Challenge … not hilarious. Haha.

Walking on the rope was never cross my mind, well, I did it in Skytrek Adventure. Hoohoo…

The most important things that you should enjoy and feel the height fear when you’re on the rope. It’s just amazing experience. Again, just enjoy being on a small surface step and with such height.

Chicken exits for chicken heart people to exit in chicken way.

The few last obstacles seems nothing to us as extreme challenger. They purposely made the path easier and some more got choices (hard & easy & faster).

Four ropes obstacles trained both of your hands and legs and able to reveal your muscle unintentionally.

She was waiting patiently for him to come over.

Strip off version of hanging bridge.

I saw some obstacles have ‘fixed’ to reduce too extreme element.

It was going to near end and it finish so fast. I felt not enough.

At last, we reached the end, having thought of some more but NO MORE. Please come down via the net similar to chicken exit. LOL.

Extreme level for us is only a name, merely reach to the level yet. Imagine of hiking vertically via ferrata in Mount KK. Wow…too extreme already. Haha.

We met our friends on Big Thrill course when we nearly complete our Extreme. It took us almost 3 hours.

We completed it finally, even without any certificate to prove us that. Haha. Let this blog post proves to us.