Dinner held in this special day … 01.01.2010 and will a remember forever. It was @ Restoran Minmax, near Jln Ampang.

John & Chui Teng Wedding Dinner


Wishing you a Happy Wedding … Happiness always & Merrier ever after

First of all, I was invited to their wedding dinner as a special guest. Why I say this? I sit in a same row with the main table and it’s No.2. They’d given me such an honorable status as guest. I appreciated it. Thanks for invited me to your dinner. Friends are always number 2 to you.

Both of you had given me a remarkable start in my wedding photography portfolio since your ROM day. And this night, out of my surprise, my humble set of photos were given distinction to display out on white big screen.

It was in my first time in my life, my hard work was bring up such high.

John & Chui Teng, thanks for invited me to your dinner as VIP guest. I’m wishing both of you happily forever and stay in happiness.

Please enjoy the photos below.

My first humble artwork was projected on a screen, attracting all peoples to see, has sparked my motivation in event photography further. I promised myself to deliver better and professional shot going forward. Thanks for such a great storm surprise.

All courses were equally great, even better compare to hotel. What I can say here is the varieties they created are stood out among the rest.

The speaker suggested a game for them to guess which is the brides’ hand. A group of girls went up to stage for the game. The funny part was the guy suddenly went up to spice up environment.

Long time no see ex-colleagues from CTB almost 5 years.

Yam Seng” on every table … big cheers on wine, beers or whatever drinks. Better no chinese tea or orange juice lar…LOL

This red wine was very tasteful. I’ll remember your brand and look for it at any liquor shop soon.

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