A special wedding ceremony that I ever attended. So coincidentally, I attended most of their event from ROM till their wedding day & dinner (except bachelor night).

John & Chui Teng Wedding Day


Wishing you a Happy Wedding … Happiness always & Merrier ever after

It was a remarkable morning, an expected special guest for their ceremony. Again, I was at the ‘sister’ side and volunteer photographer in the making. Haha. I was come back from Melaka in the wee morning hour and reached KL at 8am.

Even though my presence was not significant to them, however, it would be a big waste if I missed out such wonderful wedding day.

They made a combination from chinese traditional and church ritual ceremony together.

White color is the theme for ‘sisters’ and ‘best man’. Not bad.

The final arrangement was still going on when I reached there. All ‘sister’ were busy with stuffs and game preparation.

The bride was waiting in her room … looks boring for her. Luckily she walked downstairs for a while. LOL.

A very familiar sound was coming near to our attention. Yeah … it’s the time already. He came with a grand 3 luxury white Toyota MPV, full loaded with ‘brothers’. Good idea man.

Door was closed immediately to start the game. However, the video man told us to hold until he came back from video shooting at brides’ room. It took 15 minutes wandering around what happened to the situation.

‘Brothers’ have no idea what was going on until the video-man give us signal to start our game. OK … the first game was all about lipstick put up. One was willing to stand in front for this ‘easy’ challenge.

Next game was a volunteer to perform MJ “Beat It” dance move for a minute. I believe he was failed but they moved to next game.

Two soya bean drinks added with lemon juice prepared for them. It was smelly drink. Gosh.

The second round game started.

Bread with coffee powder (which taste different) and hot dog filled with wasabi. Have to finish all in the plate. When someone step in front to confront the challenge, that’s what we called MAN!

The groom took the challenge as well…maybe he was hungry that time. LOL.

Moving on, one have to pick up the room key hidden beneath icy water. It’s a lot better if compare to hot water…LOL. Singing part was done in very bad fashion, most of them don’t know lyric, simply sang on chorus part…haha. However, surprisingly it was passed!

The last part was challenging & tricky. Groom have to agree on the agreement & rules. He must be commit into doing it. The rules are:

1 Cigarette = RM 100 Cash penalty. -> To reduce his smoking habit …

Must bring me along wherever you go -> Include toilet as well? LOL.

All income must hand over to wife to keep and handle -> Poor him

Must celebrate every single anniversary -> NO PROBLEM at all

Objection continue applauded by ‘brothers’ to leave due to unfair agreement. He amended it to cater for himself. Then, he signed on it. Yes, he entered the room at last.

She take a joke at him, “Why you purposely changed my rules, huh?

I left the tea session without any photo due to I wasn’t in good angles. I waited until the session over, then yea … here it is. Enjoy the photos.

They get up to the MPV and proceeding with next ceremony. Fire cracker was light-up.

Proceeding to the hall of marriage ceremony carry on by a priest. Guests are invited to the seats. It was a wonderful and peaceful moment for everyone who are attending. I’m not familiar with Christian ceremony event, so I just leave the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.

The ceremony ended with a series of rings exchanging and etc, followed by photography session. As I’m too tired for the event, I go back at 11.30am. Although I missed out the second part of photography, I was satisfied.

Congratulation on your new wedding, John & CT, it was a true hardship in 5 years of courting and finally both of you decided to start your new stage of life together. It was my happiest moment to witness you both started and move to another stage of life. Happy forever.