It was a very rare occasion whereby we went for both outdoor & indoor theme park together. It’s a ONE day trip and it’s damn tired and sick. However, the gain is equivalent worth. Read on to see why.

Genting Theme Park 2010

9 January 2010

In the early morning, we drove up to Genting Skyway after gathered at a place. It was a good and relaxes feeling. We reached there an hour later. After park the car, we get into the cable car platform and voila … we were inside and the gondola was pick up slowly. It took 15 minutes to reach the peak.

Since our mission this round is Theme Park, therefore, we walked towards the entrance to get our ticket.

Yo! We purchased ALL Park tickets cost us RM59 each.

YES! Let’s start moving …

The first thing we ride on was Spinner, followed by Cyclone. Then we proceeded to Bumper Boat which need to queue up. Sianz.

Next to the bumper boat is boating. This manual mechanical to move the boat front and forth was really tiring. I quit immediately and move to another game.

However, the best part of our entire trip was when we won a big prize at this skill game booth. It cost us only RM4 for one try. The estimation worth of prize we received was RM200. YAHoo!

So, at the end, we were the one who carry on the teddy bear all the way round. We saw other people won as well. That’s mean it’s not hard to win something in these games. But need to try on luck lah.

Peoples were staring at the bear & whisper when they passed by us. Opsss … we catches people attention already.

I didn’t go for Space Shot, letting both of them to go up. There was a long queue almost every game here. As I don’t want to waste time on the game I had played before, I just walked around and take photos. Yea, got a dizzy head due to the extreme game earlier on.

We went into Chocolate Wonderland before lunch time. Really amazing sculpture … all about Chocolate. Haha. We’re so small in the wonderland.

We had our lunch time at First World Hotel food court. The teddy bear was sitting beside us cutie way during our lunch. We headed to Indoor outing soon after that.

Reindeer Cruiser was slow and steady, made us sleepy. I’d never take this ride before because it’s all meant for child and cost per ride is about RM8, not look amaze enough for me to ride on it.

Since this time it was included, YEAH, I’m opted for it.

Ferris Wheel is one of the most basic game in most theme park. The indoor one is better compare to outdoor.

Out of nothing, we went out to outdoor again. This time we tried to ride on something slow. Yea, it was mini train.

Then, we went to Dinosaurland for photo shooting.

After a long winding series of game played, we all feel tired. We tried to find some place with less crowded, yea, it’s Flying Coaster. Since it’s separate game from outdoor, the cost per ride is RM12. I flocked out two coupons to purchase 2 tickets and free another 2 tickets. It was 50% discount with the coupon. Buy 1 free 1.

Around 7.00pm, we all decided to end our outing and went to Skyway for a ride back to the park.

It’s time to stop and take a rest after I feel uneasy. An hour later, we all decided to end our theme park outing and ride the Skyway back to the carpark.

The sky was getting dark and its mark the end of our ONE DAY trip at Genting Highlands Themepark 2010. Sayonara.