The most awaiting moment has come finally. The clock is ticking @ 7.00am. ALL ‘brothers’ had reached quite early. The groom came down to greet us and welcome us confidently. All were look energetic for the later ‘mission’.

Daniel & Alice Wedding Day


We were here to lead the groom to complete the ‘mission’ by bringing back the brides. Our theme attire was white color.

Our brother team is ready to advance and face any challenges posed. It’s my first time in the brother team, came with no expectation and no experience. Due to this, I was normally the last person in the group for any challenges. Hey, I got a special task on hand, photographing them. LOL.

A brand luxury car was standby in front of his house. A pair of teddy bear bearing a lovely couple inside the car was stood in front.

Our journey from groom’s house to brides’ house is relatively short distance, merely 2 km. To kill our time, all of us stopped by for breakfast.

Roughly an hour later, we were moving forward to the destination. Ok … the time for showing our prides by HONK … HONK … HONKing along the road until everybody is aware of our arrival.

Guess we reached too early and they’d yet to ready and still having their morning meal. We just waited outside impatiently. The road has jammed up.

Groom is waiting without any complaint. Only us brothers were making some noises.

Accordingly to the ritual way, the youngest son of the family needs to open the wedding car door.

He walked out confidently. He knows that it’s all depending on his brother team to perform. Sister team is not lacking behind with unity and confident way of running the games on us. Well, we were ready.

To recognize who is brother and who is not, or just to make things beautiful, all of us have to wear a special flower clip on our cloth.

And …

The game started …

Excuses of the challenges had thrown in excessively. First game already made us digusting … urgghhhh. Crunching the insect hidden inside the jelly….what? A high protein ingredient stuff which normally use for prescription medicine.

First round passed! Second round was in the kitchen. We were given biscuit with wasabi…only few required eating it. Following with a mixed drink … don’t know what was that.

While proceeding, we were at final stage which required some knowledge on the songs name. Groom need to pass the test as well. He was given the most disliking fruit in his life … dragon fruit. For him, it was a tough feeding. We thought it was sour but in fact it’s not.

Due to prolong hour needed to complete the game, the brides’ mother was interfering into situation. She requested for the angpow and pass to the sisters for immediate end of challenges. What a lovably mother-in-law you get, man!

Brides was waiting impatiently for the game to end and meet her groom.

After mission forced to complete successfully, it’s time for executing the wedding ritual ceremony.

They all proceeding to the living hall and tea session started.

Angpow session to younger members.

Finally reached at groom’s house.

Both of them came out under red umbrella with popper stir up. POP … POP … POP … loudly.

We all came to their room to see their wedding room. They furnished it so nicely.

Their dinner held at Royal China Restaurant at Jln Ampang.

It’s considered as my first wedding photography attempt and quite satisfied with the result. There are always room for improvement, so let it be the motivator for my future assignment. Of course, without better equipment, the outcome wouldn’t as good as now. Thanks to my D60.

The end.