Gingerbread is almost forgotten nowadays. Most of the shopping complex hardly spotted gingerbread this year. I managed to spot them at KLCC as a main theme but they do not sell anything related to them.

Finally I found a place that having Gingerbread as their main theme. That is Leisure Mall.

Merry X’mas from Gingerbread Village

25 December 2009

Believe it or not, it was the last day when I found this. I’m not aware until I saw other people taken with them. Initially I was thought only big shopping mall is going to have it, that’s why I continuously looking around for it. My endless energy do not comes any result until I saw this at Leisure Mall.

In fact, gingerbread men is made in humanoid shape, with stubby feet and no fingers. The face itself is stuck with icing or chocolate.

On the bicycle … he can’t grip due to no finger.

She welcome you outside the house … yummy house.

Put your wishes here … Gingerbread will help you to pass the message.

Hey welcome to our restaurant.

Our self taken pictures with so many gingerbread men around. Feel like living in the wonderland.

And YES … I owned this small gingerbread man at last. A gift from her for X’mas X’Change gift.

Happy Merry Christmas 2009 to everyone here.