SKYTREX Adventure is the latest addition of outdoor activity in which will take participants from tree to tree like Tarzan via series of aerial obstacles at the height of 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. It’s bringing you the height that you never reached before throughout the series of canopy. Enjoy the freedom of flying in the air like nobody else.

Skytrek Adventure – Big Thrill

Oct 2009

It’s located at Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam. It can be reached via KESAS highway and follow the signboard along the way. Car park is RM2 per entry. The challenges are ranging from easiest Little Adventure to Extreme Challenge. Usually many visitors opted for Big Thrill in their first time.

You can forget about Little Adventure if you’re an adult and your height is more than 5 feet, straight away to the Big Thrill. You will never get amazed with beginner level unless you are scare of height. Participation fees is RM35 per person (with more than 10 people in a group, 10% discount apply). Great deal right?

The rate for main entrance of the park is RM3. Standard fees if you just go there for cycling or recreational activities. Once I entered the main entrance, I saw the shuttle bus waiting for us. I quickly step ahead to do reporting on our group of 20.

Everybody went up to grab a comfortable set under the hot sun. Even though you can walk or cycle to the destination, believes me, you will rather to save some energy for later activity.

Once the shuttle reached at the main destination of SkyTrek, we all are so motivated and energized. First time perhaps.

SkyDeck, a waiting platform for sky-trekker.

You won’t get lost here, because SkyPet is here to guide you. When you first reach here, please proceed to check-in you’re your booking name. Double check with your other friends if you tag them along to be present at the counter.

All participants will be given a form (called indemnity) to fill up and hand over to the counter. ALL risk are responsible by your own self as you’re aware of the risk of this event beforehand.

We were advised to wear our safety belt at Big Thrill’s SkyDeck.

We were guided along the way to the TRAIN and TRY area.

We were brief by a staff there for the safety measurement to be consider.

You’ll need a pair of gloves to protect your hand from rope burning, which can be bought at RM3 per pair. They know everybody need water during the course for about 2 hours. Since no water station available on the platform, they provided water bottle holder for FREE, need to be return once completed.

Locker facility to keep your belonging safe is available for FREE, with RM5 as deposit to be return once completed.

At such height, everyone are well prepared. Nobody failed.

If you dare to jump, it’s considered as PASS. Let’s move on.

Everyone need to pass this testing before going for real challenges. Some sort of WARM UP session to me…haha. 30 minutes were taken to attend such briefing.

Ok. This was a REAL place to test your GUTS and your EGO.

The highest platform should be 17 meters. The first climb drained my energy. Luckily I recovered fast.

This circuit consists of 23 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty. My adrenaline while crossing all these challenges were not that high. At least I’m still holding something while walk through compare to jumping and flying…it’s so unbelievable fun! Although nervous jumping like no care at all…what so ever result, you’ll getting safe at the other end. HOO!! HOO!!

Can you imagine you walk on a bamboo with no support? You can prove yourself here, with safety belt.

This required my balancing point…the more I move, the higher risk I swing and slip.

There are various name for each challenges such as The Earthquake, Slack Walk and Happy Hopper, but the last finishing platform will take you an exhilarating speed in 100 meters to the end point.

Last net to cross…before stepping on the ground.

Completed successfully…no regret taking Big Thrill, I should able to handle Extreme Challenge.

Our group picture, looks committed and professional.

With all these crazy flying and screaming around…(Yes, I heard people hilarious screaming in the jungle like being slaughtered) I promised myself to come here again for Extreme Challenge next round. The platforms height is reaching 22 meters and extremely difficult to cross one platform to another, much needed your strength and passion. I can do that.

I’ll be back!