Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia. Located at Straits of Malacca, primarily is a fishing town. Most of the inhabitants have some kind of connection to the fishing industry. Tanjung Sepat is well known locally for its many seafood restaurants. The most famous dish is the seafood steamboat.

Cuti-Cuti Tanjung Sepat

Pantai Morib | Sepang Gold Coast

28 November 2009

First of foremost, this trip wasn’t organized intentionally, a bit of out of expectation. I didn’t know that Tanjung Sepat is such a popular tourist spot. I managed to arrange a trip to Tanjung Sepat based on the information provided by blogger.

Due to limit contribution, we only manage to come out with simple itinerary few days before and sent out to my kakis to join me.

According to the trip initiator, it’s basically more on leisure, sight-seeing, photographing and a break from our stressful work life, perhaps a chance to know each other well. Hehe. I made a new friend here.

Our excited day trip started with gathering at Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

From there, we headed to Banting via Jenjarom. If you have been to FGS Dong Zen Temple before, you should go straight further after saw the signboard.

Tanjung Sepat is located at Sepang, so basically we’re heading to Sepang all the way. From the route we were taken, we have to go further after Morib Beach and before Bagan Lalang.

We were so enjoy such great trip, probably 3-in-1 Beach outing, even though the weather was rather rainy and wet.

Morib Beach (Pantai Morib)

The first stop was Morib beach. Also the first place, three of us unleashed true ‘gun’ power in various angles. For those who don’t have, get shoot by us non-stopping. LOL.

Taken by higher ground of side beach.

Our group pictures … Andrew, DarkOne, DeXXy, Christy, Simon, LL and WMK.

Both of them didn’t missed out group picture as well … having a close companionship.

Bye bye Morib beach!

Tanjung Sepat (Sepat Cape)

Here we come … a fishing town turn into tourist spot.

It was time for lunch already. Even we were so exciting @ T.Sepat, we didn’t forget our upcoming extensive activity, that’s photography.

We looked for a suggested place for our lunch. Here is the highly recommended delicious and famous Bak Kut Teh.

Our energy get boosted with oily and fatty pork. We continued to Lin Zhi Farm visit. It was hard to find unless you got map beforehand. We entered for FREE with some area under renovation.

Those lin zhi can turn into healthy drink. We were given ALL the sample, I mean ALL kind of flavor to try. I believed they’ve 12 different flavor.

To return their favor, we decided to buy RM40 worth of drinks in 26 bottles (RM1.53 each) in discounted price.

At last … just a walking distance from here … I saw Lover Bridge.

YO!! It’s the landmark of Tanjung Sepat. No idea why it was named like that. During the what so call romantic walk … we get horn by the motorbike along the way. They made a raw seafood delivery go and forth. Every time we try to adjust our camera angles, we get PON PON!! at the back. Sigh.

Maybe due to the timing do not right, we’re unable to spot any couple tagging around. I believe in the late afternoon, there will be more peoples walking around.

Three little girls sharing an umbrella under intense hot sun.

Two guys walking without bother about the strong sunlight.

Simon, a new amateur photographer in the making.

Seafood restaurant is located by seaside…allowing a full scene of lover bridge while ‘kicking the table leg’ with your lover or family. Locals are selling dry seafood and crackers around the area and I believe it has boost some income for the locals there especially when few media wrote a reviews about it in newspaper.

We, as a blogger also contribute into promoting this place in electronic form.

After Lover Bridge, we headed for simple food hunting, that is famous PAU (bread) in the making and final one.

We tried to find a place, a special homemade minced meat bun by the locals. We don’t want to miss it.

Raw steam pau ready tapao (pack) to bring back to home.

It can be eat straight away, but steaming it would give you a freshening pau.

Bagan Lalang | Sepang Gold Coast

Last destination… Bagan Lalang also known as Sepang Gold Coast.

It’s filled up with gold sands. It soon to be a high profile destination with palm-look-alike chalet completed soon. From sky view, the chalets will spread and form a palm tree.

We were surrounded with many people around, mainly family and couples here for day relaxing and picnic. If you come here with a group people, sure will be very fun. Too bad, we were just cross by only…thus making a short visit here without much activity.

Had a thought of making a full day trip here.

Back to KL at 4pm, rain heavily.

Memorable trip of 3-in-1 Beach Visits @ Tanjung Sepat.