So here we are, our natural escape to Sungai Chiling Waterfall located at Kuala Kubu Baru. I foresee myself to hook up with waterfall places in future other than hiking. The waterfall ambiance is giving me a pleasant sound every time I step into water.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kubu Bahru

September 2009

Chiling Waterfall has become a popular place for many peoples in the town. There has been a long talk about this trip. Well, I managed to form a group of 10 peoples finally. We started from KL, around 7am. Our first stop was before Rawang town.

It’s not difficult to look for this place as you can reach here by using the trunk road heading to Ipoh. When you see Kuala Kubu Bahru, remember to follow it.

We follow the direction. Here are the directions:

After you past the Rawang town, drive about 7km to Serendah town. You will able to see new housing estate. The signboard of Antara Gapi is on your right. Another 5 km will be T-junction and just keep straight until you pass the traffic light. Once you see Kuala Kubu Baru signboard, remember to turn right. Go straight about 8km, you will reach an intersection of traffic light. Remember to turn RIGHT. Left will take you to KKB town. Drive another 4km, you’ll see Selangor Dam on your left. You’re on correct way. Keep straight until you see Kg Pertak. Go straight for few km, you’ll be crossing the steel bridge.

Sungai Chiling trail entrance is on your right, you can park your car opposite the road on your left, is FREE!

Normal trunk road along the way.

Found an extremely scenic DAM.

At 8am, we already passed by every signboard and reached Chiling River entrance. We parked our car on the left road. Remember to safe keep properly all your valuable things include your own car. Lock it properly to ensure safety.

We took group photo in the middle of the road! In fact, there were only us going there. Weird huh?

A long jungle trail needs to be passed by before reaching real entrance.

Welcome to the place…a warm welcome to visitors when they saw this.  For me, it’s considered as entrance fees.

NO entrance fees, but we required to pay 50 cents each person for toilet usage.

The toilet/bath facilities are sucks. Not enough room for clean-up, place to change and NO shower tap. Only hose and water tap available…what? It’s not worthy to pay for such facilities.

A map showed the direction before reaching waterfall site. About 6 river crossing throughout the journey.

Registration need to be done before getting into the waterfall.

Before we all started, CM and MK tried to promote camera brand.

And this best brand is available. *blink*

Bridge that connect us to the opposite river, considered as FIRST crossing.

Crossing 1 – A crossing that do not wet your body…considered safe crossing among all.

After the bridge, remember take the LEFT turn into this wet and rocky path…instead of go straight or right. I do not understand why they did not put a sign board to lead people to waterfall at this junction. Sigh!

If the weather is good, you can feel relax and enjoy the ambiance of the nature.

Most of the photographers couldn’t resist making a capture here, included CM.

Susan…nice photo of her.

DC’s gang, everyone look very natural in this picture due to professional camera he was using.

It’s damn hard to look for Crossing 2. It was hidden somewhere else and we end up walked into wrong path up to the hill. Something went wrong, so we descend back and nearly give up. Luckily, we were able to find at last.

Remember to look for this signboard before decided to cross. If you cross without this sign, you may end up get lost or taking a longer path to the waterfall.

River crossing is not that hard, just a bit careful when stepping on slippery rocks.

Crossing 3 – Not hard to find if you just follow along the river side.

Team work is needed on this situation. Line up and help each other and people behind you.

Crossing 4 – A bit excited when we will be crossing the last one. This crossing was quite steep, so gotta be careful.

CM, the girl that practicing yoga at mYoga, look healthy and fit when comes to physical challenge activity. She got the hidden stamina that comes out from nowhere when the critical situation arises. Admire her for the spirit that she had.

Tee, a casual physical challenger…looking for natural places to visit. So join us in our next event.

Susan, fittest woman that I ever know, you don’t know when she was going to give up, because she got the endless energy for any challenges.

A big signboard displayed for us to adhere the rules. Better than don’t have right. At least people know how safe the waterfall is.

Almost reach, at Crossing 5, we were wanted to reach as soon as possible.

Walao…the last crossing, Crossing 6…here I am.

Yahoo … Voila … Ole Ole … Chiling Waterfall…but are we the first batch? Nobody here except us that day.

This ‘fish‘ was so dared to climb so high before jumping to death.. joking..LOL.

He even encouraged her to climb up but due to too slippery, she fell off. End of story, she went back to square one for rest.

Still got energy to pose for photo…Ah Tee.

About one hour of water activity, we went to the entrance slowly. We reached the entrance at noon. We washed up ourselves and pack our things to our car. We drove to Ulu Yam for lunch.

This is mark of our journey to the waterfall. Kind of not satisfied because we rushed back when the rain started to drop. If not the weather, we might stay for another hour until everyone tired.

Anyway, it’s a good experience to go in big group and enjoy the nature. As usual, there might be second encountered for this waterfall. I’ll be back.