Our Chui Shui Group founder a.k.a Assterro organized one of the god-damn session @ K-Oke outlet. As he has become one of our legendary figure, his sign is still as strong as ever. Our great bonding has brought on this kind of event…No Eyes See!!

God-Dem Singalong Session – Who cares?

This was like unforgettable event for him, more than what he can remember. Thanks to famous offline photographer, Kevin Loh, who captivated this fabulous contents for our next genesis to see…Haizz. No Eyes See!

We have 14 members for this session. All are having equal ability to create chaos … such a chaos that thumb of rules were not allowed. But as what stated in the beginnning, Who Cares? Let’s rules here!!! YO YO YO!!!

No Eyes See?? I don’t think so…

In DeXXy.Net, you are invited exclusively to go through in chronological sequence…stay tune here because Son-of-God rules! OK?

Food comes first no matter what…we need energy later. Yummy and delicious.

His alliances, for a common thing… is BLACK LABEL.

And because of this…we got someone came disturbing us…wasted us some time for fun.

Not long time later, another trouble-maker came in, that is MASCOT. Since he is sooo cute, we neither bothered nor cuddling it. Ewww…!

Sing-along…dinner-along…now it’s time for drink-along.

Yam Seng? Of course no…let’s TUI…gao gao!!! This fellow…is a damn drinker. He drink, he smoke, he … OMG… SALUTE!

Obviously his GANG all are drinker, except one here who hold the Coca-Cola drink, you cheater!

This has something to do with ‘saving’ him from become a devil GOD later on. A beauty rescue a beast…from joining the dark side of God.

Also bringing up his reputation as BOSS … making his way to acquire alliances included AUNTies from the GANG!

After drink-along session, it’s time for birthday cake presentation in a fashion way! Stay tune…you may want to see how we made a FACE-PRINT here. Amazing art.

He was ready…ready for his alliances. His Assterro partner was so desperate wanted him to DIE, in suffocation. EVIL HER.

Everybody was enjoyed pushing him in first attempt…he fought back, but TOO WEAK.

We overcome him…well, a kind of satisfaction from us.

The last ‘force’ came intact was his new alliance, so called AUNTY…paying back to the extend of darkness, a dark side of AUNTY…gao gao!

Did he surrender? Or give up his reputation as being BAD GUY?

His reputation was at stake…DO NOTHING or DO¬† whatever he want…

Like it or not, the cake has been done…or damage in a PRICELESS.

And the ‘thing’ went out of control…he went off rampant ‘killing’ with fork and spoon…HIAK!!! HIAK!!! Nevertheless, the wallpaper shows the violent act…so coincidence!

He embraced anyone he came contact with. SCARY..!

The lucky victim who falls on his trap was so coincidentally his ‘worm’. He wiped on everything on his “worm” face. He likes it. I know. Haha.

This is how the situation went out of control…without rules…that’s why God-Dem rules here!

Everybody screaming and singing out LOUD…how loud is that? Who cares?

King of Pop…turn the place into clubbing. Everybody were so HIGHHHHH!!

Finally YES…group pictures of all actors and actresses of the NIGHTDC Rocks!!! rocking with God-Dem-Son. You’re simply the best because you’re simply a BAD GUY.

Everybody loves you.