Hey Yah!! I’m back to this challenge again with exciting adventure racing and intense trail running of 14km. Smell like team spirit? Yes, this partner-based adventure requires team spirit and unity of strength.

Genting Trailblazer 2009 @ Awana Genting Highlands

1 November 2009

This is my second year participation. And my first year: Trailblazer 2008. I managed to get 3 teams to join with me together this year. Total all of us are 8 peoples. We stay overnight at Awana before the real challenge begin. I can say that I’m better prepared. Thanks for 2 Eco-Challenge experience and Mount KK climbing. Here is the package that I was in.

Team: Mixed Team (Adventure)
Fees: Early bird (RM361) entitled with Room Package (Double Deluxe)
Dining Venue: Rajawali Restaurant (2 pax)

Day 1 (31-Oct-2009)

I had my other friends to meet up at nearby hypermarket along MRR2. We had our lunch @ 1pm before starting our journey to Awana Genting. The time taken was about an hour by driving on four wheel powered 1.0L engine. Upon arrival at 2.45pm, as expected, I saw the crowd lined up for registration. Room only can be check-in @ 3pm onwards. The weather was good. Only at late afternoon it was raining. Everything seems like repeating itself similar to last year.

Sudden crowd coming in towards the resort…causing ‘people mountain people sea‘. We headed to Kenari Room.

The direction is clear…you won’t end up with other corner instead.

Registration must be done at least on the race day itself. Participants who choose to stay overnight can take their goodies bag and bibs. Along with registration counter, there was some stalls selling T-shirt and energy drinks.

Briefing started sharp at 4pm onwards. Basically telling about the forest nature and its surrounding, continue with race expectation for first timer. Not much new information being told to participant, except water station issues.

It’s due to the demand for more water station is strong, luckily organizer did something to overcome this problem by having few more stations at open jungle area.

Weather was not that cold. Just not hot only. I hope colder. Ermmm.

We checked in our room…voila…it’s so spacious and comfy. I felt like wanna dead drop onto bed and wait for dinner at 7pm. The feeling of holiday was so strong.

Goodies bag this year was very simple. Just a sneaker bag and vouchers (SkyWay and ALL PARK unlimited theme park). Together with some special discounts from sponsors. T-shirt, however, improved and comfortable. It was lighter and made of cotton.

The nature green was absolutely match with this year motto…ZERO WASTE.

Barely one hour before our dinner, we lingered around the Ice-Cream corner for chit-chat.

We went to Rajawali Restaurant for buffet style dinner.

We took a big table especially….RESERVED for VIP like us!

The restaurant got a stage performance where they entertained you with songs…even oldies!

The day just ended…What a day…meant for relaxing your mind and body.

We went back to our room for preparation and chit-chat before went for early nap. Sweet dream!

Day 2 (01-Nov-2009)

In the early morning, I woke up and found that the jungle was covered with a very thick mist. That’s mean all participants have to run in the mist, with blur direction upfront. I don’t think anybody were bother to care about the mist.  All they have to do is to enjoy and focus.

I managed to join this warm up session at 8am, run by personal trainer on stage (perhaps).

Shower Room. It was designed for you to clean up the mud and sand, NOT FOR total cleaning. If you know what I mean, the top was not covered and it’s public shower.

Water tub facility for partipants to clean up themselves after the competition. There’s no place for changing here. Everybody can see you.

This is the starting point for everyone. The mist was so thick until we were not able too see barely 20 meters. Starting time was 8.45am.

Susan, CM, TehKT and WMK (a.k.a Son of God). They formed a mixed team.

CM, was ‘selamba saja’ and excited for this challenge.

My team partner.

Another mixed team from TohYM and TohMC.

All participants have to run as part of the challenges. Also the most boredom part to get everyone to ‘warm up‘ their legs. We run about 3km along the road surrounding Awana golf field before everybody slip into jungle.

Peoples were crazy to walk and run faster to cut the crowd.

As you know after this, the trail will become narrower and need to line up accordingly. In some trail where it was covered totally by mud, but peoples were hesitate to slow down, causing them fell down unanimously. What a pain…OUCH!

Have to be careful on every steps taken or just do some dancing before sit down. That’s all.

The competition started become harder and challenging.

Volunteers were there to help us proceed smoothly. It was TOO slippery to continue on without help unless you got special hiking shoes to overcome the problem.

To avoid unnecessary ‘jam‘ later on, please be advised to run as you can when comes to normal trail.

This steep cliff posed some difficulties for first-timer.

It’s just started. As I’d done this before, this time was pretty easy. I just simply slide down. End of story.

Let’s see the real challenge here. The trail condition was considered bad this time. It was definitely VERY SLIPPERY all the way up and down.

Ropes were provided, but it’s up to you whether you want to queue up one by one or just simply slide down. It won’t hurt much but made you even dirtier. Yuckss!

Hiking up on this trail requires a lot of patience.

For me, it was a chance to rest for a while.

TohYM was giving first aid to this lady who get bite by leech.

He used some salt to get rid the leech. Initially, she decided to just let it be until the race end.

Another human jam here…the longest and everyone need to wait so long for their turn.

This was happened in last year too.

The hardest part where almost 90 degrees steep for you to climb up with the help of rope only.

Team-work is required here.

To suggestion something here, try to use abseiling skill to climb up and it was working for me. Saved energy to figure out where should step on the muddy soil.

The last water station. To save some time, we run for a while on flat road.

The arrow sign show to climb up?? NO. But it was really confusing. Haha.

Final climb on the flat road. I started to have my legs cramp. Gosh.

We walked slowly, but it was raining…then we moved on faster to the obstacles.

Gosh…my legs sink into the mud very deep. Mud run or what? How to run or walk? Haha.

Then we moved into mud pool. Better than the mud above.

I used to clean up my legs the pool.

TohYM prefer to swim in a dirty pool. I think he liked it very much.

I gotta take care my bag, so I prefer to walk.

The rain has became more heavy, but who was going to bother it?

A small hike has become too hard for me. My both legs were so tired.

It was amazed me. I like it.

This obstacle need you to jump in and dip your head under the water. Gosh…it’s so dirty. Don’t ever let the mud water get into your mouth. It’s disgusted.

TohYM didn’t hesitate to jump on even though MC was try to avoid jumping but straight away go to the water pool.

The pool was look wider this year…extended?

NEW obstacle … Net climbing. Not tough lah.

Sand crawling was a new challenge added this year.

I saw the finishing point at last. It marks the end of 14km long challenges. Phew!! Went to reporting counter for medal collection.

There were NO more food and drink for us as we were late and organizer seems busy packing off stuffs.

My medal…Nice! Another piece for my medal collection.

The whole experience has given me confidence and trained my fitness level higher. I may consider not only activities above sea level, but under sea level! See how first lah.

Anyway, I’m planning to give a rest on next year trailblazer to prioritize more challenging event.