End of the 10th cycle of the lunar eclipse. In mere human terms, it simply means the end of the 10th month of service for a certain corporation.

End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment – Freedom towards a new career path

20th October 2009

Ahhhh … … … !@#$%

It has been 10 long months since I have been imprisoned in this evil & disastrous unit, stuck in a middle of a restless department. And after serving a painful 3 long months of notice period, the day has finally come to free my soul from this horrible disaster.

Since the Day 1, I, the Dark One, was tricked into a simple ploy to get into a unit filled with sweet promises of bright career path, highly paid salary, attractive remuneration, exciting benefits, you-name-it-we-got-it stuffs.  Initially, it was simply too hard to believe that such attractive position can still be available at that time, despite the economic downturn worldwide.

Ohh, it’s something like what the Chinese love to say, ”rewarding stuffs don’t come jumping around in such a leisure pace”. And yes, the offer is really something that jumps not only around, but jumps directly to ME. Wow, that ‘s weird.

And the only thing I got in return after the 10 months of full, lunar eclipse, is just . . . nothing. That bad ? Ohh not too bad, at least I’ve learnt something so basic & close to useless, that even any random fella out the street there can just complete what was I doing for the corporation in a simple matter of time, with enough guidance. Well, the torturous department obviously don’t need degree holders’, what’s more IT DEGREE HOLDERS’ to manage CRAP like this.

Ohh, pardon me for the inappropriate term of “crap”, but frankly speaking, the other word I can think of what I was doing all the while for the corporation is “SH*T”. Oh boy, this sounds even worse.


What’s done is done. Past is past, gone are the days where I just wither, blame & wait, wait, & wait for my last day of service to come & save my soul, as I slowly see, one by one of my close colleagues, both guys & girls, leaving the department like no one’s business coz big MNC’s (MNC – multi national companies) out there are looking for talents & not machine-automated human beings, made from flesh & blood, designed to do every single daily routine task based on fixed time-line & mindless processes and not discipline, interest & passion towards work.

Well, come to think of it, it isn’t all bad along this period of my imprisonment. It seems like I manage to get along with a small number of outcasts in this department, namely Dexxy, CM, JY, Nikki and a few more other victims tricked into this horrible dictatorship.

Besides them, there are still several other victims as well, but a small number of them appears to be “spies” of the Master himself; also known as the Master’s PA.

And not forgetting, another small number which seem to enjoy broadcasting every single detail reported via voice of mouth, ear, or any hole which can stuff in any source of possible information, into a much bigger medium known as the ASSTERO (not to be confused with our friendly satellite TV provider) satellite broadcast disc, & comes along with a free tagged decoder, unknown to public.  Also, some of them which happens to be the major reporting-assistance unit of the ASSTERO satellite network, gathering information silently & passing it around, even before you can say “hi” in the morning or keeping your ultimate secret of throwing  your nicely written “Goodbye” letter & saying “bye & go to h*ll” to the Master himself.

Nevertheless, they do make up a huge chunk of good & lovely memories along my imprisonment in this corporation. Well, come to think of it, who can live without the enjoyable live-telecast of ASSTERO events, the weirdly mutated worm caused by the unusual reaction when a “bad guy drinks too much Teh Tarik”, or the wonder that they can randomly think of some hardcore outdoor activity which can push your physical form to the limits ? (the Dark One was never involved in these outdoor activities due to the extreme passive & low body stability).

The people…the community here isn’t any burden to my imprisonment; it just turn my imprisonment a little much merrier than before.

No matter what, I’m no longer a part of the them. Gone is gone. What matters most for now is that…

I am a free man.

And if you would excuse me, I am off to spread the aura of Darkness across the land, starting off from the northern part of Malaysia’s mainland.

Ohh, and not forgetting a simple vacation along the way.

~ Dark One will be away until his upcoming 1st day of service, at his new Sanctuary, on 2nd of November. ~