The darken era of the fallen of Support. Life after DeXXy, one-man show era. (Please note that this not a fictional storytale or some sort. Based on true experience from the eyes of the Dark One).

The strong ‘bell‘ rang non-stop…rings like no one’s business. I looked at my watch. It shows 09.05am.

Yet …

Darken Era: End of Saviour of Support – 5 OCT 2009

Nobody was care the ‘bell‘ ringing. Oh, wait…there is someone; the “so-called substitute” for the other side, but she was simply too occupied at that moment, picking up another line. Her agonizing, yet restless look shrouds her already tense face. It looks as if she can’t take it anymore soon. And yet, other people who surrounds the Support faction, chose to ignore the continuous ring from the lines, especially when the Master is not present.

Well, this is yet another true, blue day after the departure of Savior of Support, to Neverland.

Just merely a day after the departures which change the ultimate fate of the unit, it all went down on ruins in just hours.

The never-ending incoming ‘bell‘, long winded support, tears & shouts from frustrated human “cheated” into using a ridiculously nonsense infrastructure ‘product’, filled up the noise of the Unit line. All the while, when the Savior of Support was present, there was NO problem. Yes, you read that right. No problem.

Not to the extend where you need to go around asking every single person who knows how to handle a simple problem, from your friendly colleague sitting next to you, all the way up to the Master himself.

And that’s not the best part.

When you finally see the Master himself, goes down assisting the already fallen Unit faction, only you can see so clearly that the ‘substitute support‘ are severely running low on both resources, & most significantly, morale. Everyday when I step into the office, it’s as if I just entered some theater house or some sort. Why, you ask?

Because each & every smiling face you encounter is merely the “mask” of that person, while the “true” feelings will be well hidden deep inside. In each & every one of them, they are severely demotivated, running low on morale, indirectly affecting their daily performance, unknown to the Master himself.

This is the destiny of the team. Seeking an impossible ‘saviour‘ replacement to end the chronicle.

From the day the Master himself chose to abandon the most important faction in his team, the front-liners who speaks, assists, supports, & led the customers into using an incomplete & incompetent system, he has already chose the dead-end for the team. Instead, the Master chose to just leave the whole, huge faction of the Unit to one single person, who is supposed to do a “one-man-show”.

From a mere individual, DeXXy grows & lives up the expectation to handle the base defense of the Unit faction. You know what it feels like when people says “From zero to hero” ? Well, this is what happened to DeXXy. From some random fresh guy who pops out from nowhere, he ends up being the most “insignificant-person-who-needs-to-go-on-lunch-shifts” person; unappreciated, shown no worth of work, & not even a tiny bit sense of encouragement from fellow colleagues.

However, the Dark One never mislook anyone.

The Dark One understands & felt the exact same suffering as the Saviour of Support, due to the fact that both of them fell to the same “trap” since day 1 : Doing something unproductive which is definitely not worth all the effort. And worse still, no sense of teamwork among members when we are either down with sickness or unforeseen circumstances.

And now that the Savior of Support is finally gone, the fast crumbling ruins of Unit began to crumble at not only the “so-called-substitute” of the Savior, but indirectly impacts the image of the corporate organization as well. Rings comes in, receive no answer, faulty ‘miss call recording‘ doesn’t keep track of the missed call, human puts down phone with much anger & frustration, & in the end, who gets the hit ? You get the hint ?

When email starts “flying” around like wild bullets, hitting every single person in the unit, only people began to realize that REAL IMPORTANT (VVIP) Unit will soon bring the whole team to hell if nothing has been done to fix it. Which explains why a “so-called-substitute” of a higher rank is forced to assist & rebuild the fallen Unit.

And yes, without any support from other members of the team. Oh, we forgot we have another “more important” faction in the team, known as the Execution Unit which sort of conquers everything except for the major task of supporting Humans after execution.


As of today, although the ‘miss call recording‘ runs on smoothly to track missed calls of customers, but still there’s only one single person to back up the whole Unit faction. No, we are not trying to train another Savior of Support as there will be only one Savior, which is Himself, but simply said, we are merely human trying to earn a simple living. Just let us live in peace, & tranquility will follow.

As such, Master, please get in more headcount into the Unit faction or else everything will be gone soon enough before you even say “Life begins at 40”.

After the departure of the Savior of Support & his trusted counterpart, Curioz Rukia (CM) or the Sister of Support, it seems like not much can be done to repeat the historic feat to produce another Savior / Sister of Support. The Dark One definitely doesn’t really fit too well into speaking to humans being as he’s simply too negative & down to even assist properly!

Ohh well, enough with this already. Time to put this to a halt & go on. Life goes on, both Savior & Sister of Support have already started off a new phase of their career; yet the Dark One still lingers & trapped in this team filled with jealously, poor management, heavy Astro signals disturbance, incompetency, & worse still, zero sense of accomplishment.


The dawn of Darkness will soon be felt by the Dark One…on 20/10/09.

All the best, DeXXy & CM.

(This post is specially dedicated to both our Savior & Sister of Support, I can see both u guys’ enthuasism & effort on trying to “save” the team.)