It’s not an ultimate trip, but a revisited trip. This exploration of National Park, Pahang had bring another adventurous episode of hill-hiking for me. Hike one of the oldest rain forest in the world..walao yeh! A hiker lover should not miss out this opportunity.

Taman Negara 2009

14 – 17 Aug 09

This 3 days 2 nights trip was a new experience and completed with pride. Since it was a revisited trip, I prefer to make a special arrangement with the travel agent. We took 2 days 1 night at Taman Negara vicinity. Another night will be spent at Jerantut town for other additional arrangement.

Frankly say, it wasn’t a pleasant trip due to the messy arrangement from this tour agency.The whole story started from the moment I made booking. From prices to transport arrangement, I’d my own issue with it because it’s not consistent and keep changing.

Long story cut into short here.

Annoyance caused by cases below:-

  • No 10% discount as per MATTA fair promotion price.
  • No transport provided from KL – Jerantut. You have to pay your own.
  • Scrap my Kota Gelanggi plan with Gua Telinga (Ear Cave). Damn you! The reason I get H0mestay was due to Kota Gelanggi.  How many times I told you we wanted Gelanggi cave. You gave such excuse of disaster/risk/fallen stalactite so on which are non-sense to us.
  • Provided us no air-con bus, never mind, but saying stupid reason which was the air-con will be functioning when the bus travel fast.! You thought we’re idiot? Air-con spoil, just admit it. Go to fix it. You want us to sauna in bus? We pay you and you gave us such lame excuses?
  • Rushing in guiding us into jungle trekking and cave exploration, saying that not much to see and hurray us up! WTF!

I’m very disappointed with them even though we failed to protest. Their arrangement were so messy and keep changing through out the trip. Call flexibility? It’s irritated us!

We started to flag off from KL to Mentakab at 6.30am. I drove and reached at 8.45am.We stopped by for breakfast before we began the grueling of 1 hour to Jerantut by express bus. We have six peoples in this trip. A perfect group, easy to manage and less hassle.

We walked and waited at their so called guest house office. We loitered around until noon. Our lunch at Chinese restaurant was quite satisfactory. The food arrangement is not bad. Satisfied my stomach!

The agent have 24 peoples that day. But all of us have different accommodation arrangement and packages. We traveled into Taman Negara by van, took about 1 hour. We checked in to Aki Chalet. Needless to say, our chalet is just so-so, better than others with guesthouse. I told myself if I ever come back again here, I would take FREE and EASY. But way again MAN! No more revisited.

Due to lack of van transportation, some of them were advised to drive their own to their chalet.

In fact, the signboards are clear enough to direct you without problem. Otherwise, you can park your car at Jerantut and board the speed boat (Rapid Shooting Boat) to the Taman Negara entrance at Sg. Tembeling Jetty.

The chalet was just refurbish and look new. Rooms are limited. It’s impossible to walk in without booking during weekend. I saw some angmoh came with backpack looking for room but out of luck. They’d to walk to nearby chalet or guest house.

Room rate are consider cheap enough for FREE and EASY package.

You can take separate activities that you’re interested. It’s a lot cheaper than from agent wise.

After check-in, I have to leave my room key at reception counter. As all our valuable things left at our room, I felt unsecured.

Before the renovation, this chalet called Ekoton.

Our first activities was Cave Exploring (Ear CaveGua Telinga). It homes various species of bat, whip spider, cave cricket and snake fossils. We took the long boat to opposite river before started our journey.

The restaurant that we took for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No choice, have to take it even though it’s not delicious.

The long boat which brought us to opposite river.

Our starting point was rather straight forward. The guide was so impatient to reach destination, couldn’t stand us so slow in walking. Damn you, all of us are first timer, of course enjoy our trip, what the hell we want to rush for??

The challenges is not started until we reached the entrance point of the cave. A group of Japanese tourist was reached earlier than us.

The exploration seems nothing for me, but for others, it was quite exciting. This activity required us to crawl inside an ‘ear’ structure cave. We touched shit (bat shit) all the way inside the cave.

After we came back from exploration, we immediately get back to our room to clean up and wait for dinner.

We crossed by one guesthouse that offered room relatively cheap and simple yet nature friendly.

Got to pay extra to use toilet and bathroom. Nothing comes FREE.

At night, we experienced night jungle walk with nature guide and video show about Taman Negara. Nothing special except the speaker was a bit of dirty talk. Always relate the animal reproduction to human sexual nature. Walao-yeh…got young people here leh.

Spotted a forest snake. Who want to get hold of it? Amazing of myself, why they didn’t moved away when we were getting so close to them?

On the next morning, we woke up as early as 8am to catch up with 9am boat to our Jungle Trekking activity. We trekked to Terisek Hill and on the way up, we crossed the longest canopy walkway in the world.

Again, we moved to opposite river by long boat. The entrance need to be pass through Mutiara Tmn Negara resort, a 5 stars resort. Overnight at this resort can cost up to 1k per night.

Our guide was quite experienced and know how to lead us through the trek. A 5 stars service from him.

He knows how to talk, explain and good humorous too.

“Tongkat Ali can make you strong”, he said.

He pointed out that the small wood that smell good if get burnt.

We certainly walked fast to catch up with first batch of canopy walkway visitors.

Unfortunately, the first phase was under renovation, hence remaining 280m is available. With this reason, this canopy was disappointing many visitors who opted for longest canopy walkway of 520m.

Is the ticket price also cut into half?? Hell no.

Prepared for canopy walkway walking.

Hippo unanimously joined our challenges.

The walkway is definitely very safe for one to walk through. Even though the paranoia can walk without worrying what was down there.

It’s my first time going down using stair case in walkway.

The staff said that due to fears of tourists walking downward 45 degrees, it’s forced to have stair cases.

Our target after canopy walkway is Bukit Terisek.

Jungle trekking was getting tough and tough. One if not train enough will get exhausted in no short while.

First stop after a long hike…jam and crowded.

YES….picture taken with our guide. He was simply amazing and friendly.

Yo! Reach destination but not yet the top.

We went backward to the stop and continue to move down to the jetty and complete our jungle trekking.

Toilet spotted in the middle jungle. How come? Where the ‘waste’ gone to then? Back to nature? LOL.

Our guide was simply too fast moving down. Only fit people like him can do that.

At jetty finally. Exhausted and tired but fun and energizes even more when thought of water activity later on.

We had our lunch at 1.00pm. We forced to wait another hour around elsewhere until 3pm. Rapid shooting only started at 3pm. Gosh! Then rush for jungle trekking earlier for what?

Rapid Shooting, we experienced about 45 minutes shooting at Tembeling River until Kuala Trenggan. It flows through a gorge of sandstone conglomerate rocks, giving rise to seven (7) distinct sections of white water rapids. This shooting required minimum 4 peoples and only available at 10am and 3pm.

Our relax look before the rapid started.

Suddenly the boat came from nowhere and water get splash like non-stop.

Third boat was coming from the side which we’re aware and launched our attack.

Side by side attack…the middle boat suffered the most.

This is how we get splashed non-stop and I was like standing to avoid the water and also took photograph.

Dangerous stream where the shooting stop for a while.

All followed the rules by making a line of boats.

Swimming at river side at Nusa Camp, near Aborigine Village. However, we prefer to go ahead without swimming as we found the water is too murky.

Aborigine Village, which I found their original culture is so unique. Just walk around and observed them. I don’t think we can communicate with them with any language that we know. LOL.

Demo session on how to light up the fire. This demo was presented by the villager.

The rain started before they managed to finish their demo…forced us to get shelter in somewhere else. Rainstorm comes afterward. All of us were under a shelter with coldness.

After rain stopped, we moved back to our chalet by boat…even cold with strong wind. To keep warm, we splash ourselves with water when the boat moving.

End up the boat full of water. The lady sit behind was worked very hard to pour the water back to river non-stop. So pity of her.

Everyone of us clean ourselves and get changed.

The story of Taman Negara trip is ended when we finally moved to Jerantut town and reached at 7.00pm. We stay overnight at Semi-D house and continue with arrangement on the next day! Stay tune.