One after another, it’s time for our ‘Son of God‘ AKA Chui Shui’s founder cum Astro channel to leave us for his own career path. It’s all started since he joined us 10 months ago. Due to the similarity hobbies and common easy-going attitude, we managed to bond a series of GREAT outing together until he become a legend among us.

WMK’s Last Day (a.k.a Son of God)

He has his own humor based characteristics and keep entertaining us all the time at workplace. Due to that, we also entertaining him for our good sake.

Nevertheless, before he goes, he managed to form Chui Shui Group. So far, two round of activities have been completed and upcoming at G.Highlands is being plan for members.

He has a lot of ‘names‘ until he brought up to be ‘Son of God‘. He empowered everything happened and thus earned out respect and teasing at same time. That’s why he decided on forming a group outside his vicinity after he left us.

Our legendary trend of handover of ‘25 guy‘ to the successor has came finally. May it bless the new owner ASAP.

Penny, his latest PA received with honors.

However, the disaster happened after the ‘handover‘. The Master’s PA get hold and destroyed the legendary statue. Due to the incident, it was permanently discharge ‘25 guy‘ blessing to the new owner, Penny.

Time had passed flying extremely fast. We starting to remember all the trips we went to, all the fun we had gone through and tough-ship in our outing.

A day after his ‘departure‘, the entire scene was so dull.

May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten” – from DC’s pals.

To meet, to know, to love—and then to part, Is the sad tale of many hearts” – from her.

We will love you” – from well-known photographer offline and online, KevinLoh.