Gunung Datuk is a mountain with height of 880 meters (2900 feets) from sea level and is my first mountain hiking (approximately 3 hours – included rest) so far. My best achievement in doing what so call mountain and is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

Gunung Datuk @ Rembau

31 August 2009

It wasn’t plan early but a group of enthusiastic outdoor peoples suggested and agreed on the place few weeks earlier. I was dragged into leading my group even though everybody was first time here. I’m still enjoying being an organizer anyway.

How to get there?

Use KL-Seremban highway. Turn at Pedas/Linggi toll exit and pay RM10.50 (if come from Sungai Besi toll). Turn left and go straight until you reach the round about. Take the right direction (3pm clock location) and go straight until you reach a junction of traffic light. Turn right and go until you see a signboard Gunung Datuk…be preparing to turn left. Go ahead until you see another signboard Gunung Datuk, Chalet Datuk, turns left. It’s a small one way trunk road and you’ll able to see the keris once you reached the car park.

The place is on-going renovation to improve the facilities. Each person need to pay RM3 as entrance fees (car park is FREE) and required registration for safety and record purposes. I’m not sure when will be the facilities such as shower room is ready but the toilet itself is not clean and not organize.

The starting was rather easy, just walk down to the river and cross the bridge. Start walk into jungle via a small route (with black soil). We don’t worry because there were some tags on trees along our journey.

Journey was quite smooth except some rest in between hour which drag us very tired and no ending. We thought something wrong, but we wanted to give our energy to bring us further higher. It won’t go wrong if we still haven”t reached the peak.

We break for a while for food and drink, also play around with DSLR photo shoots.

After 2 hours plus has passed, we reached first boulder. Together we took pictures for achievement at last. Again, we were so anticipating.

Another boulder which was not far away, probably 10 meters away. YES…we reached the place finally as what I seen in other people’s blog. Excited…excited…excited!

The boulders are very big and attractive. We don’t call it rock because of the hugeness. Even the tree is depends on the rock to get water and nutrition.

This Dan San laughed at Chee May for not able to climb up using the ladder which has corroded through exposure to the elements. Because of this she decided not to use the ladder to go up herself.

There are 3 levels of ladder to climb. This second ladder was a bit shaky but safe. “Black hole, be careful”…warned Chee May.

CM gave a try to this vertical ladder….approximate 90 degrees. Walao yeh! Shaking…LOL

Reached the first peak…with the splendid view. CM was so enjoy this…her dream perhaps. She was so keen in datuk-ing this mountain.  Later she will go for Nenek Mountain pulak.

Other ladders awaiting us with tougher and challenging. There was no other but only us. SHOUTING also nobody hear.

On top already. This is the superb HIGH view…feel HIGH…laugh HIGH and pose HIGH also. Sibeh HIGGGGGHHHH….

Of course, the relax feel comes after High-ing.

We didn’t look exhausted here…in fact, all of us love hiking. All of us are going to participate G.Trailblazer this coming Nov. This activity is just part of our training plan.

We did it…I can’t believe we managed to walk the talk. I thought saying is easy…but accomplish it is rather tough. But it didn’t materialize in our hiking this time.

We all forgot the pain and torture but we felt the pleasure and enjoyment. By this year alone, I’m not only having kaki makan-makan, but also kaki hiking. Going forward, I will probably having kaki minum-minum. LOL.