After check-out from overnight stay in Jerantut, we continue our Taman Negara trip to Deerland Park @ Lanchang. It houses more than 30 Indonesian deer (Cervus Timorensis).

Deerland Nature Park

Our tour guide arranged everythings. He drove us to the destination and bought us the tickets.At first I didn’t quite understand why he brought us to deer park where only deer can be seen. But actually, it had all kinds of animal inside, not as much as national zoo lah.

Cost of entrance is RM10 per person. Why was so expensive? I saw somewhere in other’s people journal mentioned RM5 only?

When we first entered the park, we directed to the deer land. I thought we just have chance to get close to the animal, but I was wrong.

We were given a basket of bread to feed the animal. Once we get the food, all deers came into us and forced us on the fence. Wahhhh….attacked from various angles. So geli…!

Even a finger pointing also attract their attention. They are merely friendly to human.

Afterward, we moved to snake upclose. You can perform as close as kissing, but we didn’t do that for sake of our life at stake…haha. The bravest part of mine was having it on my shoulder for pictures taken.

Sugar Glider…no idea what was this. Never saw and heard before. Just simply took pictures with them.

Sun bear…yea. My favorite bear! Finally get an upclose with him!

Overall a good visit, but the time spent there was quite short. Rushing perhaps? We moved forward to elephant sanctuary which was just few km away. Stay tune!