In conjunction to her birthday, I took her for a dinner at Tsim Tung that night. Wait…please do not confuse with Tsim Tung located at Hong Kong but at Pandan Indah.

20 August 2009

Tsim Tung Restaurant is an eatery similar to Hong Kong style. I’m fine with any style offered, so it goes well for me that night.

Vegetable + apple juice drink…taste weird but rich with vitamin which I believe can reduce the chance of being infected by flu easily.

Pork chop with rice, for me is nothing special but enough to fill up my stomach. In older days, I’ll treasure this very much like never eat before. It’s damn delicious and a lot better than at home cooking.

Additional side dish; fried fish pancake.

Baked cheese rice with fish chop…is my favorite all the time but this time she ordered it.

I just take whatever served on the table as granted as this is not a food review post. So you would find this post is just a plain pictures with caption. That’s it.

As long as I’ve a good time there and she says GOOD, I would think twice to come back again next time.