Trip after trip and this was another trip right after Desaru Fruit Farm. Traveling from KL to Johor and back to KL on the same day is totally tiring. And that’s why our agent offered us an accommodation package @ The Pulai, Desaru Beach.

The Pulai, Desaru Beach

5 July 2009

The Pulai Resort is located in one of the most beautiful untouched beaches in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, right in the heart of Desaru. I drove all along from KL to Johor in 4 hours and check-in to the resort at 1.30pm. The road stretch to the destination is clear and peaceful.

The entrance of The Pulai itself promotes tranquility to the visitors.

It’s unbelievable that I reached their resort finally by following their signboard for first time. That was a long time ago since I’m so wanted to visit Desaru but got no chances at all.

It’s totally different now since I got the freedom to go anywhere I wanted. Hehe.

Upon checking-in, I found that the room is quite spacious and very suitable for long holiday mood. I felt good. Umm..hope to stay longer.

When I went out to balcony, our room is facing garden view with slightly of sea view…which was considerably good.

Our room entrance is facing a small garden landscape. A good place for photography, I wished. Hope I got DSLR to realize my wish.

I chose evening time for beach scenery as it wasn’t too hot. We walked straight to the beach and having a good FAMILY TIME!!

Splash…splash…haha. Stay tune for the rest of pictures below.

Strong waves hitting the beach the moment we walked down. Not to forget about the strong wind.

As the current weather was very suitable for photo-shooting, they requested me to shoot their poses. Since this is my first beach shooting angles, I try to get some ‘feel’, but wasn’t quite satisfied. Arggghh.

The guy wasn’t ready!

But the girls were ready.

Not to forgotten our ‘hippo’ that following us everywhere we go, landed on the sand for the first time for the photo-shooting as well.

Please wash your feet before walk back to the resort…in fact, we do not wish to bring in those sands back to our room. Haha.

Family time! Family pose! We were having a good time at the pool, a definitely a long time since 13 years ago for our family.

Bro and sis pose!

To make a good use of my camera, I tried a few underwater shoots.

Here are 2 good shots, which were considerably looks natural.

When it’s comes for dinner, we drove to the nearest town.

We had it at Restoran Yoou Kee. It was a bad experience having our dinner here. Tell you what, when we asked for food listing, the owner seems lazy to explain more, instead forcing us to decide fast.

From the facts that I read for this eatery, it’s used to serve Singaporean customer and having a good relationship with agency to refer their customer to them. Because of that, they don’t serve well Malaysian customer due to not much business can be brought to them.

Yes, my parent are vegetarian, definitely seafood is not our choice. So what? We were not interested to you seafood packages.

So, as to return their favor, if you come across this restaurant called Yoou Kee @ Sungai Rengit, Johor, please avoid to eat there. The food was not quite tasty. It was disappointing for many meals especially CHICKEN dish! No meat on the skinny chicken they cooked.

As I don’t expecting any good food based on their customer service, my prediction was pretty correct.

The fish was over cooked.

The hot plate oyster egg has a rather strong smell of the sea.

The vegetables was oily and too much chillies. Overall, its taste hot, no point right?

For bill of RM180, it was not enjoyable at all.

After dinner, we went back to resort.

As time still early, we went to side beach for chatting. Probably it was the best time ever for my entire family outing. We formed out 3 pairs for ‘dating’ along the beach at night. Furthermore, it’s good to add oil on the relationship. LOL.

At 11pm, we all went back to our room for nap. Good night.

On the next day, we all have to wake up at 7am for breakfast. I reserved a big table of six for my family.

A very typical breakfast from the resort.

When I walked around the resort, I spotted this arrow sign. It was nice and I was curious about the mini zoo (40m) area. I was wondering.

Ohh…a mini zoo consists of rabbit, chicken and few birds in the cage. How come it’s located in the resort area and not elsewhere? Is it a norm for Johor tourist place where mini zoo is a must?

I tried to cam-whoring and its turn out to be fine. If you see properly, our hippo was joining as well.

And time for hippo…don’t nervous ok. HEHE.

Another good and peaceful morning walk-around the resort and beach…practically, we repeated what we did on previous day but different energy form. I was a bit hyper and climb up to their beach watching tower and shoot entire scenery. I sat down the beach and shoot chicks around (but not posted here..hehe).

I was bringing hippo everywhere from pool-beach-tower-tree for photo-shooting (not posted here due to excessive hippo presence doesn’t look good here).

Anyway, we check-out on time and back to KL straight away. Around 5pm, we reached our home safely. Bye-bye Desaru.

Well, the entire trip was giving me something that I least expected. Desaru is not just about The Pulai, but more than that. It’s yet to explore other places around, just alone the beach.

Do you think its worth for returning this place? Yes, if transportation cost and time is not your concern.