Nearly every month, we do held events for birthday celebration. However this time was a bit special which we held at our colleague’s house. To join this ‘game‘ each of us was required to bring some raw food so that we could grill all the night long.

BBQ @ MK House

June 2009

As it was organized on Friday, we quickly packed up from office and proceed to MK’s house. Upon reaching, we get prepared with the setup and ingredient. I brought my own BBQ stove which is quite light and compact.

MK did not realize that he got an electric BBQ stove at his house! Duh! Of course the electric is much easier to use.

SL and Gill were posing while preparing the setup and tables. No further comment on them as it’s hard for them to pose for me in this way.

They came over for crazier pose like this.

Around 8pm, everybody reached and we started our BBQ-ing and enjoy our long night with laughter and joker. Who was the joker of the night?? Of course the house owner…haha. We also celebrate Gill’s birthday that night with a cake and song.

I was still remembering that we got hiking trip next day, so I did not stay too late, around 11pm, I went back. The rest were continuing with partying and drinking. TehKT has become the victim of liquor and couldn’t join us in the next morning. Pity him.

Overall a good gathering and I wish to have more events like this. Very lively and cheering. I’m still wondering what could be happened in after 2 months later. Would it be able to organize this kind of event again??

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