It was another colleague’s last day, Simon, exactly one week after BabyFace. He is also move forward to his career path and bright prospect in other MNC company. He was so lucky to join that company due to opportunity given is great and enjoyable.

Simon’s last day in office (a.k.a 25 guy)

If you didn’t know what is ‘25 guy‘ means, try to translate to Cantonese. He prays to Guy 25 a lot and due to the frequent ‘fly planes‘ from him around us, he was being labelled as FK Wong as well.

So coincidentally, there’s a full moon celebration at office on that day. We get free lunch then.

Our well-known and grand winner of photo-taking contest, Kevin Loh was present to capture the memories of two celebrations.

Obviously last day is the most enjoyable day for “Resign-ed Team of DC“. Later you will know why we called it R-Team because we managed to secure 5 members to join so far. At this moment, only 3 members were left and we’re actively ‘recruit’ for more. Wink wink!

Yup! Our soon to be ‘Lou Tai‘ (a.k.a Kevin Loh) due to most senior male colleague here (exclude pioneer). We got ‘Tai Lou‘ (invisible from camera) so it does not clash at all.

This bad guy is having the same name with Simon WMK. His name is also WMK. What the heck! Two meteors finally hit each other and explode, creating so many chaos es (enjoyment) around. WITHOUT two of them (both are from R-Team), all the fun will become the past and disappear as dust. Fuiii!

Three (R-Team) – VERSUS – One (D-Team), soon to become a dust as well. Forever friends!

The horror times finally came…an uttermost awaiting ceremony had seen the ‘handover‘ of Guy 25 to new owner. May it bless the new owner ASAP.

Whoever pray for the Guy 25 puppet will hopefully join R-Team but see how it goes lah…And the new owner was quite proud and happy to own it. She hopes to become next, but we don’t think it would ever happen.

The punishment time has come to get revenge from everybody.

By end-to-end, we had our complete team photo with our ‘25 guy‘ before he fares to us at 5.45pm.

Thanks Kevin for the great photos. And you look ‘in proper manners look‘ in the photo! Haha.