WE made it again! After few weeks of BBQ, we come again with Pot Luck! It was organized and executed by us and very successful. Same place, same time and same group of peoples.

Pot Luck @ MK’s House

17 July 2009

MK was so kind to allow us to make this ‘makan-makan’ party at his house. We were so joy. We make our responsibility to bring different food & drink separately.

It’s all started at office. At 4.45pm, we ‘cabut’ at sharp-sharp to hypermarket to buy groceries needed. For whom that responsible for home cook quickly went back home to take it.

When we reached MK’s house, we quickly arrange the food on the table. Around an hour later, we started our party!

We were quite fast, probably wanted to complete and get prepared before 7.30pm as everyone here are getting hungry. Chee May did some fried stuffs.

This is the ‘homework‘ that Chee May produced! So yummy!

French fries fried by K.Hoon.

Mee Hoon from K.Hoon…sound funny.

Taiwanese Sausage…all made by pork…urgghh…fatty stuffs!

Sate Kajang, the most popular satay in M’sia. Everybody likes to try it because its taste very good with peanut sauce!

Nice-cut cucumber with sate sauce.

Pizza delivery from Dominos.

Another fast food content; KFC.

This was how it looks like when we all started eating….kitchen left unattended.

We were so focus at eating, joking, teasing and so on until few houses also can’t stand us…haha. MK was wearing ‘bad guy‘ T-shirt and damn proud of it.

Foods are literally served with beer.

Penny was just to show face here.

At the end of party, we made a surprise to celebrate early birthday for Tee-Tee.

She was so happy and do not hesitate to blow the candles after made her wishes.

We party-ing until 11pm, some of us went back earlier, however some of ‘kaki botol‘ continue until mid-night. The target to ‘bring‘  down of course was BabyFace. (if you know who I mean). He was brought down before in last BBQ party until not able to join us for Broga.

I’m wishing to have another this kind of gathering again, however, today is no longer same like the past. After departure of 2 members from our DC’s gang, going soon, we have 3 more going depart. After all, it’s going to be in pieces.

Who’s responsible to pick up the pieces and gather back again for more events in future? Someone must step out to make it.

Yes…we’re working hard to keep our energy and spirit ON. Soon, you’ll see more activities from us again. Bye.