Our colleague, TehKT a.k.a BabyFace has left us behind and move forward to his own path. He has been with us for 9 months plus and decided to move on to better and assuring place.

Teh’s Last Day (a.k.a BabyFace)

15 July 2009

His last day in office was rather happening with all those funny poses for our DSLR camera (Sony A320) owned by Simon. While taking our memories, he also tested his camera. Here are the outcomes.

Lets pictures do the talking here…

The last file he has to approve before he goes…

And these three pretty personal assistant.

You thought they were treating Teh’s good enough? NO…even on last day..they expressed dissatisfaction on him…physically.

Teh’s gang for makan and road trip…the most famous and memorable trip I ever had.

Good combination of Teh and Tea…which want you would like to drink? Both are same…Malay and English word…haha

Strong team of DC … we missed out few people here…never mind anyway.

Okay…let’s Teh had a farewell speech here…It’s time up and he really need to go.

And there’s where the legend fade its power…

Still his memory of all the happening events through-out my blog involving him will be remembering forever!