After one year from my first Paintball event, I come again for my second time with my own group. Due to the lucky draw from Hikers Climber during Eco-Challenge last month, I’ve been presented a voucher with 5 peoples participation for free.

Paintball @ Shah Alam Extreme Park

29 August 2009

That’s the main reason we come out with this activity. Total of 15 peoples are participating with the game. We split into two group ( 7 + 8 ) and compete!

We played at 9am, therefore, we gathered and briefed about the safety measures at 8.45am. We opted for normal package of RM40 (100 bullets and equipment) as we play for fun. No additional bullet after we were satisfied with 3 rounds of game.

The most important is having FUN and eXperience. Consider a time for beginner like CM.

But very relaxing for captain like Superman! (AAron). He can easily captured the flag without die. When it was my turn, I die immediately, paiseh! Easy to being a target..haha.

We walked into the battle field. Ready for fight until the last bullet.

Before we die, they took a memorable photo, scare that no chance later…haha.

And the war begin….pop! pop! pop! everywhere. What I saw are the bullets flying and looking for target.

Move…move…move. They moved further to look for target bravely. Strategy need to put in place to secure the flag capturing. Anyway, as we were here for fun, it does not matter.

Death recorded. Shot at face, that’s me. Look like being thrown a rotten eggs…Haha.

Tee-N-God … is having fun pointing to each other.

At the end, we pay RM26.70 for each person (with RM200 voucher redemption), consider as cheap for 3 rounds, but limited to 100 bullets. We cleaned up ourselves at shower room for free and heading to Klang for lunch.

That’s how we spent our weekend @ Shah Alam Extreme Park.