My long awaiting super gadget of the year has finally arrived! My first DSLR, Nikon D60 is what I’m looking for at my level. I’d passed my test on PS camera indefinitely, that’s why I’m looking further to boost my skill and enthusiasm in Digital Photography.

From now on, you’ll able to see a better pictures for Travel & Trip category, probably more on Photoshoot session as well as downhearted album.

At price of RM2150, the deal consists of kits len, 4GB + 2GB card, tripod, bag, umbrella and travel kit. Although it was a normal zoom lens, I was pretty satisfied and decided to get macro lens in future.

I didn’t expect my hobby in photography can go so far, more than enough for normal occasion shooting. My target in photography? Wedding photographer?

I don’t know. Lets see what happening then.