As promised, I’ll be back to Broga again for second installment. It’s totally different and less exciting as hikers but as photographers. Anyhow, my trip this time has gained something that new to you. Stay tune for my photography and series of pictures…

Broga Hill @ Semenyih

8 August 2009

I didn’t go with a big group this time, only three of us. We started at 7.00am and walked into the plantation area before hike to the top gradually.

Just want to give direction to first timer at Broga to take the RIGHT path when you come across this junction. It will lead you to better and safe route to the top.

Enjoy the pictures below:

Some advises on what can do and what can’t do here and your responsibility to conserve the environment.

Again, two paths to be chosen. Take the LEFT path as it’s more safety and less dangerous.

Better safe than sorry…the other path can be hike but there is a risk of landslide waiting to be happen.

I found out this time visit got many changes in term of ‘alternative‘ path! I think due to human jam when both up and down are crossing at the same time made people frustrated. Hence, the other road mainly for congestion ease was created.

Many peoples get exhausted when reached the first peak. However, second and third peak are rather easy and nicer view. So, don’t stop on first peak, let’s come for higher peak!

Look easy but in fact, it’s quite slippery on the slope, require some supports.

Third peak view is the best! If you see properly, you can see amazing ‘X‘ created.

Some of the candid pictures here. Wow, she smiled at me when she saw my camera pointed at her. Instead of looking the correct photographer, she diverted to the other way…haha.

Three girls sat and enjoyed the scenery and pointed to same direction.

After fulfilling my promise to make Second Installment comes true,  my job is done at this moment. Question about whether I would make another visit again is still a question.

Frankly say, Broga Hill is great. It’s quite popular among younger generation. A very potential place to promote Hill-Hiking for beginner. Many of my friends get hooked by hiking bugs and vow to get more hill to hike in future. Not bad huh…Long live Broga Hill.

Hopefully one day, this place can become one of the tourist attraction in Malaysia Tourism.