It was after Bukit Tabur hiking trip @ Taman Melawati, we were heading to Wangsa Maju Jusco shopping mall for lunch. We decided to lay our butt on Nando’s Chicken after few rounds walk nonsense.

Welcome to the best-taste home grilled peri-peri chick in the world

Nando’s Chicken

All of us were exhausted and tired after a great hike at crystal quartz hill. You may refer to my Tabur’s post.

We reached around lunch hour, ngam ngam hou. I called up Jian which he was interested to join us for lunch but not earlier hiking. There were 8 of us whom shared the below Peri Platter set.

The Peri Platter (4 ppl) set contained one full chicken, a large rice, a large fresco salad, a large coleslaw and a large chips.

Being with your mother nature, you should have try the hottest possible flavor.

Drink is bottomless, so if you order a set like this, better share one glass with two person. I regretted for not doing this.

Our silly group picture. Nobody see the DSLR camera except Him (a.k.a God!). Whose featured more silly here? No comment. LOL.

Nando’s is the best!! Opsss….I mean our lunch @ Nando’s.