Genting Highlands is not an anonymous name for Malaysian. It has been kept us entertain since our kids age. Also a good vacation place in Malaysia, no matter where you come from.

Genting Highlands

May 2009

It’s a worth place to visit, no matter stay overnight or not, you’ll never find it boring. If I could have one week stay here, I probably had my good time here. Nevertheless, I planned one day trip with Lily in conjunction of our first year.

We took Skyway to the top of hill. At 9.15am, the crowd has yet kick-in as I expected.

As a free traveler to Genting, I explored the place by my own self. Equipped with no fancy stuff other than a camera, the first thing when I’m inside the gondola, I snapped photo non-stop.

An amazing breath-taking view took 15 minutes to reach.

The top of the hill was still covered by cloud at 6000 feet above sea level.

I did not opt for outdoor theme park as I’d been there last year. No point of going again.

Furthermore, it was so crowded on that day. Majority of the visitors that day were foreigner, I mean those Bangla and Indon. It’s look like they were there for company trip.

I’d my Holiday Card RM50 to spent which I won from Awana Blog Contest last few months.

And my winning post: Treasure Hunt @ Awana Kijal

Time was still early for lunch. The first thing that we wanted to visit is First World Hotel. From there, we tried to look for restaurant that can utilizes our prepaid card.

A walking distance before reaching indoor theme park.

Upon reaching the amusement park, it was indeed a colorful environment.

It was a colorful shopping complex look-alike. You won’t get bored or starved as varieties food and goodies shop can be found here.

After gone through the eatery places, we finally decided on HOU MEI Restaurant. It sounds delicious in Cantonese language.

The environment was quite good, located outside the shop lot and along the passerby.

Passerby can see what we’re having and it’s a good marketing style.

We’ve been chatting for a while after ordered two cup of cappuccino, an Ipoh Mee, Curry Mee, steamed chicken and fried wantan as our lunch treat.

The entire bill is RM70++. The prices for foods are generally double. A similar food in KL only cost less than RM40.

Okay, after lunch, it’s time for photo session.

Last time, I was not able to take a good indoor shot due to my lousy camera. This time, I brought along camera borrow from A.K.A. Hopefully can get, I could get better photo this time.

Below photos are about indoor shoot in Hotel First World, nothing else…

Indoor amusement park. Family gathering are happening here.

Liberty Statue.

Giant Oscar trophy look-alike. Not sure though.

Eiffel Tower in Genting.

Carousel ride for both adult and child.

Blockbuster movies are available at price of RM12 by Cineplex.

You can kill your time if you don’t have anywhere to go or just simply tired to walk around.

Gorilla spotted. Don’t mess with him, as he will go mad and lying on the floor.

This bridge is connected to Viet cuisine eatery.

A series of shop lot located at top floors. Genting Walk is the name given to the path.

Mini Ferris wheel.

Lobby at First World Hotel. Normal camera will not able to take good shot, but not DSLR.

At least our pose at the place was able capture by the camera.

Testing was successful.

KLCC Replica.

Venice canal.

Snow World, a new place for me to try out. The temperature and coldness are relatively near freezing. Don’t play play.

Only RM17 per adult, we’re entitled one free ice-cream from Freezing Bar.

Eating ice-cream under the zero degrees was real awesome.

Get ready with clothes before entering Snow World.

Inside the House, we were engaged a cameraman to help us to take a set of photo. We are required to collect from outside the counter, instantly.

The full set is RM60 (8R + 5R), however, we can choose only a few. I paid only RM32 for 2 pictures out of 4.

They really know how to earn our money…hehe.

Flying coaster. RM10 per ride.

A few random shots from outside garden. As you noticed, Hippo was following us everywhere we go.

It has become our companion already.

Portrait testing has just begun.

Out of many pictures taken, only few were posted online.

Our trip has ended at 6pm when we took Skyway back to our carpark.

See you again in next trip, probably at this coming November, Genting Trailblazer event.

Stay tune. Good bye.