Desaru Fruit Farm is a farm with 100 tropical fruit species. It’s located at Johor. If you follow from PLUS highway, take the Kulai exit and follow the signboard to Kota Tinggi.

On the half way to Kota Tinggi, you’ll see Desaru signboard. Just follow the signboard and you’ll able to reach there in about 40 mins using trunk road.

Desaru Fruit Farm

July 2009

This is an officially a family trip. I rarely had family trip nowadays as most of the places that I went to are very challenging. Only this kind of trip is suitable for them. By paying only RM145 per person (pre-booked in MATTA Fair 2 years ago), I finally can make this trip comes true.

Desaru Fruit Farm might be look strange to you because I grew up with Desaru associated with beach. Yea, we did our beach visit as well.

My journey started as early as 4.30am from KL. We reached there at 10am. I drove along the trunk road after the Kulai exit. Follow the Kota Tinggi signboard. However, when you have chance to spot Desaru signboard, just follow it.

Upon reaching the entrance, you have to turn right to the opposite side.

The entrance is read as “Selamat Datang DESARU FRUIT FARM“.

At the main office entrance, we saw this series of pineapple tied in a rainbow shape.

Our trip didn’t start with breakfast as we were too late for breakfast, very close to lunch hour. So, we decided to skip it. Instead, we moved to Bee Talk.

Bee Talk, one of the common briefing about how bee makes honey and honey cure our illness.

Pure honey or medical honey were produced at very high quality and sell at around RM80++ per bottle. Some are even shot up to RM300 (with some special ingredient – tongkat ali).

Successful story and famous pictures can be found on these boards.

Durians, king of the fruits are available for sale.

Agro Tourism with guided tour.

This is the walk-in price (slightly higher compare to years ago), I’m sure you can get cheaper with package booking.

The farm has 100 tropical fruit species. They also had an excellent guided tour with explanations about the fruits. At the end of guided walk, you will be able see the mini pet farm.

We were fetched in and out by this van.

Dragon fruit, is one of the most famous fruit in this farm.

According to our guide, this tree is belonging to cactus family and can lived up to 100 years.

The decor of the garden was quite impressive.

Water apple (sui yong in Canto).

What are the bull tracks doing here? Just for decor, perhaps.

Herbal Garden welcome board.

We walked under a very good weather ever. Good for photography…haha.

Landscaping of the garden.

For those city people who never saw Kunyit plant, here it is.

At the end of farm, there was a mini pet farm. Goat, rabbit, monkey and ostrich can be found here.

He/She was shy away from people. Don’t scare, we won’t bite, but we do scare you attack us.

Looking for food…oh..please feed this goat. He was looks so sad.

OMG! Ostrich like to aim at people and kiss you. Better go faster…oh, it’s hurt. Oh lucky.

Owl. One was sleeping and one was awake. YES sir…anything I can help here?

Damn…really look like ghost face…haha (burung hantu).

Lunch treat was served at 12.30pm.

Mostly local delicacies were served.

And our target was FRUIT!!!

I never had any fruit buffet before, however, by seeing this made my saliva drop…I tried each of them, but I love the tempoyak the most. I had 3 times refilled at least.

After a heavy lunch, we departed from Desaru Fruit Farm and proceeded to The Pulai Desaru Beach for a night accommodation.

Overall, this kind of trip is supposed to be ONE DAY trip unless you came from very far, you need to opt for an overnight stay. It’s only few hours’ tour, with majority of Singaporean tourists.

It’s a rare occasion where Malaysian would pay for fruit farm visit. For me, I opted for Desaru Beach more than anything else.

Therefore, my real holiday mood is just started! Stay tune.