Broga Hill – an amazing beauty hill landscape with full sunrise scenery view when you’re on top of the hill. In this recent days, Broga Hill is getting very famous as the destination spot for novice hikers and avid nature photographers.

Broga Hill @ Semenyih

27 June 2009

Located near to Nottingham University Semenyih, Broga Hill is about 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur city center. Broga Hill also known as Bukit Lalang, is a great place for hiking and scenic spot for photography.

Having a last successful of hiking trip, I decided to organize another hiking with the same group. However, it turned out to be unexpected large group that day. My group consists of 18 peoples. Fifteen of them are first-timer.

Being the key person here was a bit of restless. I’d to make sure I did not bring them to wrong route in the wee hours of the morning.

I woke up very early @ 4.30am. After fetching friends from their house, I straight away headed to Bandar Mahkota Cheras for gathering. At 6.15am, all of us in 5 cars were heading to Semenyih Town before turn to Broga (with signboard).

The moment we reached, we found out that we were not the early bird group, in fact, a lot more peoples already at top of hill for sunrise view.

We parked our car inside the palm plantation. As we wanted to save our time, we immediately moved out without much saying or greeting due to majority of my group are stranger to each other.

The starting point is much straight forward without hesitation. We talked and laugh like nobody business.

At the point where we met this steep path, we started to focus our energy and soul.

Our legs get sour but the view was truly captivating up there. None of us was complaining. Once we reached the first rest ‘station’, we sighed our relief.

The trail formed a snake-like pattern when we look back.

Chee May, one of the potential future hiker is being developed. In fact, she has the long vision of conquering few hills in month ahead. According to her, Broga Hill is just the beginning.

Her obligation to continue the first peak, second peak and highest peak is unbeatable. She has become our first in our group to reach at highest peak and posed for achievement.

Not only she got that kind of dedication and obligation, we have too!

Lily, a challenging person with hiking is one of the interesting activities. In fact, she was participated Trailblazer last year. She follows me everywhere I go for nature hiking.

Relax and feel the freedom of the warm….lol.

Peoples start posing for camera. Cameramen get spotted here. It is truly amazing atmosphere for photography making.

The heat is not that unbearable in between 7-9am, only after that, it started to burn your skin as a whole. No tree shelter or anywhere can hide. You’re exposing yourself fully to sun light.

I don’t see any sunburn threat in the early morning. That’s why people can wear (spaghetti)  like this here.

Having successfully climbed to first peak is already a sense of achievement. For Simon and Michelle, it was rather tired but satisfy.

Illegal gathering spotted. The lead was giving speech to its member on the great plan. Hehe.

Who knows, attack of clans at Guang Ming peak is started from here. Haha.

To avoid any bad circumstances, we marched to second peak. The great scenery was starting from here.

The more we climbed higher, the more we spotted the scenery. Humans are becoming so tiny and a dot.

The third peak was even better with X trail road path created. One way up and another way down. We slide all the down from peak.

Superman poses from Chai. A pose for achievement at third peak.

We stopped here as the sun really getting up to our forehead.

As the sun was getting hotter, we climbed down and Chee May was showing thumb up for this trip.

Next time when I bought my DSLR, I’m sure coming back again not as hiker, but photographer.

Broga Hill – Second Installment, here I come.