After so many hike attempts on the Tabur Hill @ Taman Melawati, I have finally become an organizer to lead 8 peoples up to the hill in 4 hours. I managed to complete activity without any unforeseen circumstances except some of them didn’t have their breakfast earlier. And they have drowned out their energy to negative form.

Tabur Hill 2009 – Fifth Hiking

We met up at 7.00am along the MRR2 before turn into Taman Melawati. We manage to reach there at 7.40am. There were many peoples went up before us. Therefore, we’re considering as late comer.

Nothing much to say, we straight away move up to the hill by crossing the energy drain route. Our legs get sour at first.

The moment we reached the first peak, the sun is burning our skin. It was only 8am. How pity! We wish to come earlier at 6am, suggested by some of us. Okay, next time sure will. Haha.

Due to the reason of the sun heat, we decided not to stop too long for scenery and pictures. Instead, we went up quite fast and steady.

We get stuck in between due to human traffic jam, thanks to the weekend crowd. We spotted some hikers bringing some food up for small picnic. How lucky and we’re getting hungry. Next time we will bring some foods there. LOL.

The first scenery was very captivating. But, we have drained out half energy. Take picture also no mood already. Sigh.

Difficulties on the route are varies. We encountered a few dangerous slopes which is fine for us. I’m not sure, but we moved quite safe and steady. No casualties reported so far at this moment. I hope not to. LOL.

Each girl is assigned to one guy. It should be no problem. Taking care for each other is a must.

90 degrees of steep slope requires full attention and energy. If you get to use with it after few times, it’s pretty easy to step on and off. But for first timer, it’s rather exciting and adventurous.

Try to look down and you’ll be amaze of your achievement. LOL.

Sliding down using the rope is definitely a new experience for the first timer. If the front-line can do it, you also can do it!

Heavier people like me tend to observe a few persons before I try by myself for the first time. But this time, I have to show them how to get down.

Lend a helping hand is definitely a big YES YES especially to your assigned partner.

Upon stumbled on this warning sign, we’re advised to take care our steps and precaution. There are few stories behind and this is to ensure us to take note.

It’s really promising after all the hard effort being put in once you reached the peaks.

Chee May is one of the hikers that being a tough challengers on her own, deciding on conquers a few hills in months ahead. Let’s see!

Her obligation to make it to the top is unbeatable.

She doesn’t recognizes tough and never ask us when can we start going down.

At the end, she reached the highest peak (last peak), her hiking crusade finally pay off!

For me, it’s nothing can beat myself to get familiarize on the challenges so that I could take tougher on other hills.

Wei Hong, the first timer here find no difficulties at all…as he trained hard physically in other sport to fit into situation. Perhaps, he will look forward to partnering me up on every hiking in future. LOL.

Simon, one of the casual hiker joined us unexpectedly. He brought over his girlfriend unexpectedly which is unexpectedly withstanding the toughness without her own self aware.

Many unexpectedness happens to both of them, however, was being paid off at the end when the look back to other peoples. They can’t believe they did it!

Mr Teh (aka baby face LOL), is my ex-Eco Challenge member and ex-member of my many sport events. This hiking is pretty easy to him…well…look at his camera.

This is proven when he was still able to stand up high for a photography session. LOL.

Yay!! This is mark to the end of peak. Soon after, we’re going down through the uneven trek across the fruit farm.

Entire hiking experience is giving everybody much joyfulness and fun. Those who hadn’t thought of make it had made it at last. Those who were not expected to take this long to complete it had completed it with a proud.

I’m sure everybody was satisfied with this hiking and we’re looking forward (me as well) to Broga Hill for the first time (include myself) in this coming weeks. See ya!