Frankly speaking, I do not expect myself to join this tournament at all. A first timer and newbie like me has no threatening power here due to the large number of professional players here.

It was held at Dewan Serbaguna Taman Maluri on 24 May 2009, not even a month after the previous bowling competition. Click Bowling Tournament 2009.

Table Tennis Tournament 2009

Joining fee was only RM10. Limited to selected players on a first come, first serve basis. I’d managed to register as single player as there was no one to be found to partner me.

The only thing that irritated me was that no T-shirt provided due to the short notice given. Come to think of it, well, this event was planned at the very last minute, so basically I can’t really put the entire blame on them.

Before the tournament starts, we were served with buffet style breakfast. Notice the dining area was empty due to the fact that I was late for the event but still manage to have my breakfast as well,  heh.

As usual, we were briefed on the rules and regulations, how the game will be conducted and so on. The event was not big therefore is more controllable. I felt kind of bored and do not feel any excitement at all.

Maybe because the hall was so stuffy all the way since the start of the tournament!

It was not until I won a match! Oh my God, it was so unexpected ! Voila…however, the competition was equally tough for me when I faced experienced players.

The judges were in red shirt, no wonder lah…we do not have any T-shirt. Player wear their own shirt…as if there was no standardization, haih.

The fast-paced sound of “Tik tok…tik tok…” can be heard across the small & stuffy hall.

As the results came out…you will notice that I was put into a group of ‘dead’ match. You know what I mean?

This was indeed a good experience of giving the game a shot even though it’s been some time ago since I last participated in a tournament.

At least I got a chance to play one now! No target being set for the next tournament. Hehe, lets see.

Who knows, I’ll be back again to the tournament with much better skill? *fingers crossed*