Perhentian Island is an equal popular island to Redang Island. I’m officially completed 3 islands namely Redang, Lang Tengah and Perhentian in Terengganu.

Perhentian Island

29 April 2009

My longest awaiting trip; approximately 8 months. Due to Zero Fare promotion by AirAsia last year some more…ngam ngam hou!

I’m seeing myself hook up with island vacation every year.

Initially, I has chosen Rawa and Susu Dara package, but later been told to change to Redang and Lang Tengah. So, the final chosen package is 3 Days 2 Nights Perhentian, Redang & Lang Tengah Trip, Flora Bay Resort, Pulau Perhentian Besar.

Our holiday is merely two of us only due to being FFK and not able to commit early on the trip. (kind of fed-up and do not care anymore). We made decision to book our trip via agency during MATTA fair.

Day 1 (29 April 2009)

Our journey began on weekday and lasted on public holiday. Luckily we choose to go back at public holiday due to crazy crowded at everywhere in Malaysia. Damn it! Even gardener, cleaner and garbage collector are having OFF working day on 1st May (Labour Day)!

I woke up at 3.30am, boarded Skybus at 4.30am and reached LCCT at 5.30am. A bit too early for flight at 7.40am. Blame on Skybus who took Maju Expressway (towards Cyberjaya/Putrajaya) and the route was short, road was super clear in early morning.

Still early…ohhhwahh…I found that the new renovated area along the check-in counter is quite spacious.

Check-in our bag, move to boarding hall and wait. Once the gate is open, we quickly queued up and walk to the plane. Our hippo is following us to everywhere, so do this trip.

Hippo was saying HI from the bag on the plane.

We patiently wait until the arrival.

Travel operator has sent out a person to fetch us from airport to jetty in 45 minutes. It was already 10am when we reach the jetty. Our boat would arrive half hour later. We managed to have a quick breakfast at nearby stall.

It was so kind to have the travel operator to transport our luggage in a trolley.

It’s a fast boat. Took only less than half hour to reach our destination. Boat ride was smooth except few rough moments which we were cross with choppy waves.

Best photos are always come for beautiful scenery and blue ocean.

Welcome to Flora Bay Resort II, an extension of existing resort. It’s located after Fauna Resort. It’s required to walk some distance before reaching our chalet.

It’s a garden view chalet (semi-D). It’s absolutely nice and luxury feel.

Not even 15 minutes, the beach boy that supposed and assigned to bring us for this 3 days knocked our door. After confirmation from us, he passed us 3 bottles of mineral water together with goggles.

We were told that we would having our lunch at Long Beach at Perhentian Kecil. It’s an opportunity for us to get view on this popular beach among foreigner. I don’t understand until later I got to know that our resort to do not prepare lunch during lunch hour, only breakfast and dinner.

We were served our lunch in a long table together with other fellows from same travel operator.

It’s not even started yet, but I felt extremely hot and sweat under such super hot sun. About an hour we kept loitering into other people’s beach. To kill our time, we walked along the beach, in hope to see ‘papaya’ on display, but return with disappointment. Haha…timing not right.

The sand is extremely fine and smooth and the sea is crystal clear.

After a simple briefing on snorkeling activity, we were brought to Mango beach to see turtles.

Expect to see some turtles, but no turtles spotted.

End up I saw a stingray under the seabed.

After spotting some creatures under the sea, we proceed to Shark Point and continued with normal snorkeling.

At late afternoon, we were riding our speed boat to Air Berani freshwater pool for a simple shower. Legend told us that this water can make you getting more wives.

Splashing here and there… everyone who try to come over.

Fruit was provided as part of the trip. A very pleasant experience here. We spent about an hour to enjoy the cooling water and splashing activity before got back to resort for free and easy.

Free and easy time…we snorkeled in front of the resort beach. You either can play volleyball or beach activities or just rest at room.

While waiting for our dinner to be served at 7.30pm, we walked along the beach and visit the entire resort.

The long house was like what I usually stay in my previous trip.

The dinner was served at quite late but satisfied with the quality and deliciousness. I ate a lot and required some walking along the beach again to ease my fullness.

Day 2 (30 April 2009)

I woke up early to see sunrise. It’s a day with full day activities. I shall ready by 9am, but the breakfast was served at 8am. Again, we went for cam-whoring again to kill our time and to hope to make some nice shots.

Hippo was in the same boat with us in cam-whoring.

Breakfast served was simple.

Our beach boy was very punctual. He mentioned that our day would be full of activities. First of all, we went to Laguna Redang beach! Took 45 minutes to reach Redang from Perhentian Besar, already considered fast.

I have to fully agreed that Laguna has improved a lot in term of their sandy beach and cleanliness. It’s absolutely stunning.

We spent an hour on Mor Mor Char beach before we went for baby shark watching at nearby beach (Redang Long Beach). It’s absolutely a new experience for me to snorkel at Laguna Beach. I didn’t know about it last time.

Our lunch time was start after Redang Beach snorkeling. We would having our lunch at Redang Marine Park. The boat parked at new designed place.

This is the best snorkeling place that I had ever been. Fishes were as friendly as it swimming around you. I get amazed every time I saw them around me. I captured a lot of pictures showing us feeding the fishes and getting attacked by them on hand. (biting my fingers)

Soon after an hour, the boat sailed us to another island, Lang Tengah Island. We stopped by for a visit and moved to snorkel at nearby.

Free & Easy at evening and night. I felt the night is very long due to my hungriness. Its BBQ dinner and we were served a series of grilled fish, chicken, squid and satay.

Decided to take nap early for early morning check-out.

Day 3 (1 May 2009)

As super peak season took on the resort, we were advised to check-out early during the breakfast.

Our boat rides was on 9am sharp. We proceeded to Kelantan simple tour after we reached mainland and before heading to airport.

This trip was considered as memorable and enjoyable. My next target will be Thailand or Indo island!