Broga Hill name has been associated with peoples around me until I can’t bear to ignore it. In fact, it’s an absolute a beauty hill with wonderful view for hikers. Photos taken by amateur photographer and trip review online can proves it.

Broga Hill @ Semenyih

After the success of my previous hiking trip, I’m planning another trip to Broga Hill by next week. As I will be leading a large group of friends to Broga, I need to get myself being prepare for it.

Here are the facts of preparation and advises on Broga Hill trip:

  • Camera – absolutely more important than your phone, to capture the beauty of nature OR madness of yourself
  • Towel – sweat like crazy during the hike before reach 1st peak
  • Extra shirt – to get change at your car when you’re about to go back
  • Water/Isotonic – to replace your body dehydration OR provide energy to your body with isotonic drink. Can be bought at nearby plantation area.
  • Torchlight – required if you planned to hike and reach before 7am.
  • Shoes – slippery surface during hiking up and down. Need a pair of shoes that having a good grip.

Here is the route advise to Broga Hill (from Cheras – Kajang highway):

  1. Take a route to Kajang highway start from opposite Phoenix Plaza.
  2. Go along the highway and pass 2 tolls (RM1.90 in total)
  3. Head to Semenyih until you notice Tesco Kajang on your right.
  4. Go straight until you notice Semenyih direction (in blue sign). Turn left.
  5. Congrat…you’re heading to Semenyih town.
  6. Take 10km drive until you see Petronas on your right and university nottingham sign on your left.
  7. Turn left before the traffic light.
  8. Go straight until you notice Rabbit Farm on your right.
  9. Broga Hill is just opposite the farm.

It’s advisable to reach earlier, probably before 6.30am to observe sunrise on the hill top. If you’re not coming for sunrise, you can start anytime you want as long as you can stand the heat after 8am.

Here are the photos for my first visit. Park your car in between the space allocated.

Walk towards to the plantation, following the road trail prepared. The surface is rocky and slippery. Some of them are even 60 degree steep.

Making impossible to go down in standing position. You’re require to duck-squatting down all the way. Funny but safe.

When you reach the first peak, you can feel so high. In fact, you got few more peaks to climb.

Stay tune for Broga next week.