Ok…this is going to be a review on restaurant and food, perhaps. It is a simple food talk; Bak Kut Teh @ Klang. No doubt that Klang is well known for BKT.

Bak Kut Teh @ Klang

It is my first time having BKT at Klang. I’m not fan of BKT nor lover. Occasionally, I will had it nearby my housing area. Reason behind this post? I just love BKT from Klang…hahaha.

A pottery full of pork, organs, mushroom and vegetable. I never seen such a nice full pot with so many varieties! Upon having this, I had lost my interest with BKT at other place already.

Yow Char Kuay…in Canto. It’s crispy if you eat without soak into BKT soup. It just taste good when mix up together. I don’t think people can eat BKT without this!

OTAK-OTAK delicacy; the biggest piece that I ever had.

If you’re not fan of BKT, don’t worry. You still can have your normal meal here.