Tabur Hill is only the hill that I hike every year since year 2006. It was my fourth hike this year. My previous hike experience can be found here (2006), here (2007) and here (2008).  In fact, it doesn’t change much except for more caution remarks in dangerous path.

Tabur Hill (Bukit Tabur) – Fourth Hiking

21 March 2009

In fact, all the while, I’m hiking the West Hill but never been to East Hill. The West Hill is known as Crystal Hill. This route is better and easier comparing to West, according to my reading on other blog.

We reached at 7.15am, considerable as late comer as many people came earlier than us. It was a considering a good weather. The wind is blowing smoothly.

The starting point of hiking is pretty straight towards uphill, leading you the top faster.

However, it’s leaving you with tiredness before providing you the splendid view on top of the hill.

The rocky path is still leading you to the higher point. Now, we are on the same level with cloud.

We’re far higher than the cloud as we moved higher. The trees are notably skinner.

The steps are become steeper at this point.

Required a lot of stamina and energy to climb up the rock and proceed further to higher rock.

Up and down via a rocky path requires full attention.

Side rock climbing also required.

This time, they put a very visible red alert to notify the climbers to be aware when going down the cliff using the rope.

At some junction, we’re stopped by a challenge which required us to use the rope to climb down the 90 degrees rock and move on to the opposite.

Peoples who reached there successfully are trying to help us by just sitting and give direction. You’re the one who need to depends yourself to make it.

Mei Ching, one of the potential climber there is ready for action.

As we get up higher and higher, we could see a breath-taking view here.

It was merely a astounding view of KL City. Are we at the position higher than KL Twin Tower?

There are few false peaks to go in order to reach the real peak. I believe the 5th peak is the highest point.

We are wondering when will be the highest peak since we came across with so many ‘false’ peak. Mei Ching was thinking the route she should used to get over there.

Probably this is the highest peak, we very hope so. We climb about 2 hours still yet to see any sign to go down. Energy is dropping down already. Some of them required help of others to push up themselves.

Rocks from the first peak until the highest peak are so perfectly ‘craft‘ by mother of nature. Below are the collections of the rocks surface captured.

This was taken during climbing, a dangerous act, but in very secure position. Haha.

A very scenic moment spotted during hiking. I thought I’m at somewhere in China.

As we going down the hill via a bushes route, we cross by a beauty flora. A notably algae along the way, a slippery step if you step on it.

It came to my surprise that I will be breaking my usual once per year hike on this hill later. My colleagues are requesting me to be their guide on West Hill probably this few months ahead. I’ll be bringing them to the hill for photo-taking this time.

Hopefully can get more beautiful pictures to post in my blog under Hiking categories (which will be consider).

But I need to explore on East Hill which I heard is more challenging. Let’s see how it goes.