A long waiting LCD monitor is finally arrived! It had been in my list since 2 years ago. It keeps delaying until I can’t wait anymore. Here it is. My new 20′ LCD Samsung monitor. This model is quite new to the market compare its 22′ sibling which appear on the market for quite some time.

The price is RM444 from Low Yat Plaza which I believe the lowest I could get that day. It’s within my budget compare to my first 17′ inch LCD (bought in 2005) which cost me RM1099.

Samsung SyncMaster 2033SW

Unpacking my new gadget is rather excited. It’s like opening a gift which you wish to receive. The opening space is where the CD, cables and documentation located. The most important material is store between to protect them.

Box opening started …

This high quality 20″ display with a slim design is saving me a precious desk space. Although the ultra fast 5ms response time is consider lower, it’s giving a vivid display quality with 15000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The design is very much like their brand of LCD TV. Just the matter of smaller in size.

When taking out from the box, the shiny glossy body looks so damn attractive. I got the urge to purchase a mount LCD monitor (without need the stand).

After connecting with the stand, the entire gadget is look lower and fatter. In fact, it’s wider and ergonomic design.

The brightness and color is so sharp and good for my eyes.

I believe this unit will be my new small cinema entertainment in my room very soon. It doesn’t take you further for the best movie viewing, a decent 20′ inch is enough for me this moment. I know 22′ inch is more outstanding but foreseeing my pocket hole is getting bigger with travel & trip plan, I rather save a bit going for the smaller inch.

When the time to talk about upgrade in future, I foreseeing LCD 30′ inch becoming a standard in the market with affordable price.