An annual event of this tournament was held at Sunway Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid on 2nd May 2009. It was organized by the Club. If you know what I mean, just look at the Club name below…hehe.

Bowling Tournament 2009

My past experience in this sport is slightly average. If I ever join, I will just join for fun. Game started at 9am but people already start gathering as early as 8am. Notably are those trophies and hampers, waiting to be given away.

I didn’t join the tournament due to not able to form a team. I came here just to give moral support. That is.

Picture time:

I was wondering why was that trophy so different as compared to the others.

As usual, our club president gave an opening speech. I believe nobody will ever be so free to pay attention to the speech. Everybody seems to be so busy talking among themselves.

Bowling balls and lanes were ready to roll. Rock and roll,  theme for the day!

Ready? ROCK-ing on his hand.

and ROLLLLL……….without much thinking.

Kaboom….please see your score.

With participation fee of only RM20, they’ve received a T-Shirt, a McD’s meal coupon, and mineral water. They have completed 3 games in this tournament. Lane 28 is the best lucky number they’ve ever played.

Salute to the team members: MK, Teh, Jian and Jess for being in a team known as Try-2-Win. Well, at least they’ve tried.

I’m the photographer of the event. You won’t see me here.

All along this bowling tournament, this baby face’s girl friend came to gave them moral support.

All the time, the last game will be the best score overall? Why? Because they’d just done their warm up.

Even before the tournament end & knowing their own fate, we sneaked out to have lunch at a nearby noodle shop.

Not long after that, Jian manage to persuade a new member to join his Dark side.

Overall, this event was worth their money and hopefully I will be able to join next year (with fingers crossed). Now, the only thing that needs to work on is their target. By end of year, 100 score is a BIG MUST! Well, if the motivation is still there, that is.