I bought a total new 320GB notebook hard disk from PC Fair (I) 2009 recently. At a glance, it’s just a normal hard disk but if I would tell you the price, you will be puzzle. It only cost me RM208 (include the casing).

OMG, the cheapest I could ever so far in my life. Compare to my few years back purchased 60GB (in year 2005), 120GB (year 2006) and 250GB (year 2008), all three were cost me RM300++ each.

The reason I bought this is due to demand on storage capacity on my PC system. Storage is never enough for me anyway. USB drive is never, never in my list as I could purchase a very cheap storage on 2.5 hard disk with higher capacity.

The PC fair price for 8GB (thumb drive) is RM50 whereas I could get 320GB (hard disk) at RM208. Both also using USB port for file transfer. Which one is more worth?

Not to mention that 640GB external Maxtor drive only cost RM229 at PC Fair 2009. Damn cheap man! Further more, Terabytes era is coming already.