TGIF (Thank God, It’s Friday) is one of the famous restaurant chain in worldwide. I went to the one which located at Pavillion, KL. There was a 3 in 1 Fuiyo celebration with my colleagues conjunction with one birthday and two farewell event. That’s why.

The photographs below were taken by famous photographer offline and online, Kevin Loh.

T.G.I Friday @ Pavillion

Before I come to know this restaurant, my mind was never thought of the food served there. My impression was on Western food, nothing than steak with red wine. My perception was proven wrong when actually it served the local delicacies together with its style.

The foods are equal high quality and tempted which attract my appetite that day and going forward.

We ordered few main courses which each course is cost us RM39.90 (excl tax). The thing that I like about this course meal promotion is I can shared with two person and it’s still enough to fill up the stomach. The meal set comes with 1 Appetizer, 1 Entree and 1 Desert.

My Shrimp Martini is just as small as a cup with decoration.

Friday’s Chicken.

Sizzling Chicken and Cheese is my Entrees. It served my appetite very well. I love it.

Main course can be as simple as Fish & Chips for light eater.

My desert of Cookies N Cream which is a big cup of ice-cream.

Dinner at TGIF will make you think deeply on what is the next appetiteĀ  to try. She is asking what else we want to order. She don’t know and asked us to decide.

And he is thinking on the next appetite. Hmm.

Teh and Kevin (the man behind the scene).

Funny staff is helping us with birthday celebration moment. He made all of us laugh.

Guys group, even though we look like big eater, actually, we’re sharing some course meal too. Sharing is caring, everybody can taste it.

All of us for 3 in 1 Fuiyo celebration at Pavillion.

Post dinner capture at Pavillion to make a memorable moment forever.

The promotion of 3 Course Meal is still on-going and I plan to go again next time to try the other courses with my beloved. Sharing is just so lovely, that’s what the course meal try express to us.