A popular steamboat restaurant at Manjalara, Kepong. Me and the entire colleague team went for ‘makan-makan’ (eating) in conjunction with Chinese New Year atmosphere. The cost per person is RM14, a very standard price for most of the steamboat eateries.

Seafood and vegetables are so fresh as what you look in the picture below.

Maybe the color is cheating you but the fresh feel is real.

Sate is one of the popular food in Malaysia, especially in Kajang. Good taste when eat together with sauce, cucumber and onion slices.

Girl group, don’t know why since when taking pictures also like this, can’t mix one. I thought lunch only practicing such way. Sigh.

Guys group, actually we have gender equality finally, compare to the time I joined which is 1:5 ratio.

After steamboat dinner, all of us went to Aaron’s house for mahjong and poker.