Tenji is a Japanese Buffet restaurant located at Solaris Mont Kiara. It’s probably the hottest talk food story in town during Chinese New Year 2009. As it was opened not long ago, they’re having promotion on RM49.90 ++ each person during my visit on Feb 09.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

9th February 2009

I went there with my bunch of colleagues, manage to secure with booking 15 seats for lunch. It costs us RM54.90 per person. Without booking, the chances are very low to make it into restaurant unless somebody there FFK (no show).

Entrance of Tenji, Japanese Buffet.

The food is considerably average with not much choices compare to Saisaki. Since it’s new, the surrounding is quite comfortable and neat.

My experience in Tenji is only cover for lunch. We booked for 11.30am and require to queue to ‘check in’ into restaurant. It’s become a norm to see the long line up everyday here since its opening.

I line up to take up my booking seats. We required to pay first before going in. Fifteen persons need to pay about RM823.35 and by credit card payment.

We have our famous online and offline photographer, Kevin Loh, as part of us to help us in taking group photo.

Group of us are quite enjoying our buffet lunch.

Da famous giant oyster that everyone must not be miss! It’s a must have dish in Tenji, probably almost every Japanese Buffet restaurant. One can eat up to 5, but I just ate 2 oysters only.

Fresh mini coconut is another hit of the restaurant. Its gone too fast when take out. We have to wait for another 15 minutes. What is so good about this? Nothing but just worth of your money if you manage to drink as many as you can.

Sushi is one of the main dish.

Fried stuffs are among the popular. However, need to do ordering at the counter. They will deliver it to your table once ready.

Hot and popular gone very fast as it’s not many being served. Refill some more is kind of slow. Some of our orders only came after we almost finish. Walao.

Haagen daz ice cream is one of the stuff that worth your money. People like us take like crazy. Queue up also take about 1 hour. Walao.

Chocolate station. First time put a stick under the chocolate fall.

I never taste the bun but it look very promising right?

Our lovey dove customers enjoying the lunch. Who could not recognize him? He is our online and offline famous photographer, Kevin Loh loh.

Prawn soup.


No comment but just enjoy lah.

Desert on the display. Look really for display, no eat…hahaha.

Kiwi fruit on display. Nope, it’s not a display, you can take it.

One of the many fruit juices available.

We took our lunch until 3.30pm as we cam whore inside quite a lot. Definitely I had my limit already, could not fill in anymore.

And finally, it’s time to say goodbye to Tenji. I will be back, definitely come back to enjoy dinner buffet next. Wait me and remember always, my favorite japanese buffet. Tata.