Eco-Challenge is kind of activity that need physical strength and competent mindset. This version of eco-challenge, according to the organizer is more easier due to foreseeing a lot of newcomers joining in. I’m one of them. It’s a real challenge to my ability, thanks to Genting Trailblazer 2008 that I participated two weeks ago, enable me to stand the real challenge.

Eco-Challenge IX

15 November 2008

The entire activity need you to complete 12km route with non-stop challenges that you never imagine. It drained your energy to the last bar. You must finish the race no matter how you want to give up. Terrible is it? Haha.

This is my toughest challenge with 6 hours non-stop and worst come to worst, it’s raining in last one hour.WOW…a new experience for me.

Name sign of the eco-resort.

Event take place at Hulu Langat district. For specific, it’s Nur Lembah Pangsun. All participants have to reach at 7am, but damn, the thing only start at 9am. Breakfast is provided.

Each team must have 4 peoples. Finding people to form a team is darn hard, I nearly not able to join, luckily two come out to ‘rescue‘ me in the last minutes. Die die I also want to join this. First timer here.

Before it start, we were brief about the event and safety measures. All of us need to warm up with the music.

I just do a bit of exercising and it’s already make me feel tired…gosh. Anyway, me and Teh is ready to take the challenge. We take our shirt and number on the event day. I can fit the shirt perfectly at size of XL. I should take XXL next time.

Okay. Below is our itinerary for the event, what we need to do along the challenges.

Start/Finish – Nur Lembah Pangsun

CP1 – Orienteering | CP2 – Scavenger Hunt | CP3 – Swim |Road Running |CP4 – Scrambling @ Sungai Congkak | CP5 – Wall Climbing + Cargo Net @ Sungai Congkak | On trail running | CP6 – Paintball @ Bukit Congkak | CP7 – Mystery Test 1 @ Air Terjun Perdik | CP8 – IQ Test @ Trek Air Terjun | CP9 – Archery @ Kawasan Lapang Perdik | CP10 – Mystery Test 2 @ Simpang Tiga

Altogether are 10 activities, but we manage to complete 8 only due to time up! How come? Raining loh, it make us slowing down and exceed the time given to qualify.

1 – Orienteering

A hunting game where we need to familiar with the place in order for us to get high mark here. We need to find the place according to our question sheet, so that we can get the punch on our card. Even though, we manage to complete it but we’re a bit slow.

2 – Scavenger Hunt

What I can say here is rubbish collector contest. We’re given a list of object with following criteria: sharp, smooth, clear, blue, dead, round and etc…totalling 16 objects. Find it around the area and put into the plastic bag. What we do here is collecting those rubbish and submit it as answer.

3 – Swim

An exciting part where you need swim to the opposite lake. How deep is the lake, I don’t know. Organizer want everybody to wear safety jacket no matter you know swimming or not.

Of course I swim over without any problem. I know how to swim. Feel uneasy with the water cleanliness.

Road running … about 3 km.

Once we get out from swimming, we quickly do a road trail-run out to the resort and head to Sungai Congkak. It’s about 3 km. This part is draining my stamina. As my team can’t run too long, so we just walk and run occasionally.

I found out that Sungai Congkak is a very nice place to do picnic and nature observing. Just notice that the small house is built along the river for renting. Cute. The rental fees is only RM5.

4 – Scrambling @ Sungai Congkak

Once we reach Sg Congkak, we go into the valley and scramble along the river in reverse stream. Tough man!

I believe that it’s tough for most of us when walk on the stone while fighting with stream water on your leg. Caution need to be taken to prevent falling into water. Nothing much to avoid since everybody already get wet in the first place.

5 – Wall Climbing + Cargo Net @ Sungai Congkak

We proceed to cargo net and wall climbing after finish scrambling. I fail in wall climbing. I’m not able to move myself up to the wall even with help of trainer. I give up due to never train before how to use the correct method to climb.

We proceed to jungle trekking, an usual activity for me in the weekend.

On this trail jungle… real unexpected! I felt damn dangerous in each step we take. Must be very careful to avoid any unlucky situation.

My assumption is prove to be wrong as this kind of jungle trekking is not the same like what I used to train at FRIM. Here, I got the feeling to struggle in the forest to keep alive. My energy level is dropping to empty.

Torns for jungle species are everywhere. If you are not aware  of it, you might get hurt.

6 – Paintball @ Bukit Congkak

In the middle of long jungle walk, we reach to the paintball game.

I’m not able to win even one shot, while Lim managed to secure 6 shots perfectly. We quickly move on since this challenge look like never ending. We took about 3 hours plus walk and pass through all the steep…dangerously.

When we reach the Perdik Waterfall, it’s raining. Our team is the last team to be given mystery test which is eating the mini bitter guard. Erkk…want to vomit.

Since it’s rain heavily, it doesn’t matter anymore on the following challenges. Too late for us.

8 – IQ Test @ Trek Air Terjun

9 – Archery @ Kawasan Lapang Perdik

10 – Mystery Test 2 @ Simpang Tiga

Jungle trekking in the jungle is the first time for me. We still need to go through the remaining route until the end. A small truck is waiting us and send us back to the end point. The game is OVER!.

At the point we reach, lunch is almost over and food is limited.

This is how we look like after 6 hours go through all the madness. We get change and collect our certificate at the centre before we drive back. I enjoy this activity very much and vow to be back again next year with better preparation.