Taman Rimba Ampang

28 December 2008

It’s located far away at the end of Jln Ampang. In fact, if you drive until the end of Jln Ampang, you will discover the road name change to Jalan Bukit Belacan. As long as the road is connected, drive until you see this entrance.

Welcome to Taman Rimba Ampang. It’s really an escape to the city next door. Not much can expected. Parking fees is RM2 and entrance fee is RM1 per person.

Even the road is paved, public vehicle is not allow to enter. Probably to keep the air fresh from carbon monoxide.

The water stream flow nicely. It’s real and no doubt as Hulu Langat forest is popular with beautiful scenic.

Taking off your shoes and walk on the water give a cold walk. Even with sitting nearby also feel the comfort.

If you’re ready to dip onto water, be prepare with your clothes to change.

I found nothing can be tell here except the scenic view of nature rocky river. Visitors who visit for just running or jogging don’t even bother with the scenic.

Kids and teenagers are enjoying themselves dipping in the cold pool. Some even perform stunt to outperform their buddies.

Just hang around and enjoy the old forest.

I came at 8am and it’s still early and quiet until 10am, peoples started coming with picnic stuffs. It’s perfect place for picnic with such a nice landscaped grounds.

In conclusion, Ampang Rimba Park is perfect for bird lover, jogger and picnicker.