Badminton Closed 2008/09

A happening weekend with my colleagues last Saturday. I was having a tournament @ The Challenger Sport Centre in the morning. The match is like normal training match. I don’t feel pressure as I just play with my heart. My passionate is still there. It was a knock out game and quite satisfactory with my performance even I didn’t win.

With participation of RM10, I’m entitled with a T-shirt and 2 meals for the day. If I manage to win, I have to play on Sunday as well. Then, 4 meal included. In fact, it was heavily sponsor by the club. Worth it right?

The Challenger Sport Centre

The court is quite nice and clean. I play at this centre every Sat with my usual gang. All of us have improvement since the first day. I trained with them before I go for match that day. It’s a surprise that I manage to cope with my endless energy! Thanks to my regular training at California Centre.

After match, me and Teh decided to give a visit a career fair with Jian and MK. We reached there at 4.30pm.

MCTF 2009 by

It’s quite effective to look after a job in this fair and able to learn what’s hot in the market. The market for professional worker is on high demand. Engineering and specialist seems to be dominate the entire fair.

We wandered around the mall as CNY is coming nearer, we wish to buy something for ourselves. Jian got bring digicam, so we took photos along the outing.

MidValley Chinese New Year decoration is superb. I haven’t go for others yet, but I believe each of them got their own attraction. We tried to go each of the outlet and departmental store but yet found nothing to buy.

We all go back after the dinner at Ipoh Chicken Rice shop. A simple weekend yet happening and remembered.