Wawasan 0pen University (WOU) is a non-profit open learning institution in Malaysia. If you ever thinking of pursuing to higher education, WOU is a place for you to continue your study via Open Distance Learning (ODL).

This university is provide equal opportunities for all working adults that wish to pursue higher and various skills in their job assignment. It also a key for self-promotion in your career.

Let’s start with myself. I got my degree @ 2006 in MY and graduate @ 2007 in SG which I study via distance learning. With a degree, I can easily reach the level that I want in my job, however, I feel that I lack of some knowledge that require me to perform confidently in my job.

That’s management skills. For this reason, I’m very keen in their MBA course, CeMBA (Commonwealth Executive MBA) and enrolled for next Jan intake.

Everybody also can perform a task with necessary knowledge. But how about skills in managing the task? To make it successful, I need to know how to manage a project, more than I want to just complete a task. Job satisfaction is comes from this area, at least for me.

As I graduated with IT skills and knowledge, I know I’d lack of this skills. More nevertheless, by crook or by hook, one has to start a junior level before moving up to take up more ascertain task that required management skill. By becoming a project manager (even a little one) is my ambition and also my achievement that giving me a some satisfaction.

WoU FactorWawasan 0pen University.

For the reason, I decided to pursue my higher study @ Master level, named Commonwealth Executive Master in Business Administration. (CeMBA). With my working experiences exceeded 4 years, I believe I could able to relate the real corporate world with the study methodology.

I went to their an open day on 19th Oct 2008 at the KL Regional office. When I first step into the building, it just give a very comfortable feeling. The receptionist is very friendly and quickly attend my registration.

I was brief on the university surrounding from lab to classroom and finally their library. The study environment is just astonishing. The open day presentation is held at one of the classroom. The topic covers the degree courses as well as master courses and how it was evaluate and benefit to working adult like me.

I consider myself  as lucky as when I was pick as one of three lucky draw as a closing of presentation. It consists of a mug, a T-shirt, pewter business card holder and a notepad. It just made my day. We were directed into small refreshment. Not bad, it filled my stomach for lunch that day.

On 18 Jan 2009, I was invited to attend Orientation for new student like me. The event started from 8.30am until 4.30pm. We meet each other on the same course even though this event is meant to all courses. We exchanged contact information for future collaboration.

We were brief about the ODL concept and how do we manage our time to cater for long life education. It’s not a normal orientation day that we had in our old day school but rather a more corporate level orientation that we had in our career. Tea break and lunch were served during the event.

The day is mark special in my calendar due to I start my school again. I know this road is going to be tough but I’m very persistent that I’ll be able to make it with support from my dear. My life is not going to complete without all the plan going at the moment.

Career, relationship, education and finance are top of my list. It’s promising a leap in my life if I manage it in proper. Here I comes, a new responsibility that bring myself in another greater level.